So, are these 2 pilots dead, now?

TV Arts

1)  "My Ex-Life" (CBS), with Tom Cavanagh and Cynthia Watros.
(Wow...not a good month for Watros.  Killed off one series and an
unsold pilot for another.)

2)  "Worst Week of My Life" (FOX).   Loved the BBC original (well, at
least Series 1...), but I guess I wasn't sure how it would have worked
over a longer period.

Not sure I read any reference to either in the recent upfront releases.
For Cynthia, the nice thing about "Lost" is its nonlinear plot.  Her 
character, Libby, was killed off in the present, but it's expected that 
Cynthia will return several times next season to play Libby in 
flashbacks of the past.