So, uh... is Danny Bonaduce like, dead yet, or what?

TV Arts

The way he lives-- if you can call it that-- on 'Breaking Bonaduce'
(TVtropolis), I wouldn't be surprised to read he overdosed on drugs.
What a freakin' MESS!
We're not that lucky.
Very ladylike of you - wishing someone dead.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Washed up, banged up *&* bitter to boot.

That old episode of TLC's 'A Baby Story' sure looks hopelessly outdated
when you look at Danny now.

Someone needs to get good, wholesome Tony Dow ('Leave It To Beaver') a
"reality" show ASAP!

B.D. makes the sickening Roloffs ('Little People, Big World') look
almost bearable!
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I kind of always root for Danny.  He's a hopeless fuck up who has squandered 
every second chance he's been given -- but he's man enough to come right out 
and say "I'm a hopeless fuckup that's squandered every second chance I've 
been given" instead of trying to blame everyone else.

And when he's sober, he really is very funny and a pretty good actor.
took the hamburger meat, threw it on the grill, and I said "Oh Wow"...

He played a corpse on CSI. They say that's tougher than it looks.
That act got old the third time around.  He think it's all quaint and 
poignant to admit you're a screw-up, but when you see the guy not only 
never tries, but reveles in it, you'd just rather he get run over by a 
Did you see his wife having his kid crank call him about his mental 
health issues?  Man, that's cold.
Anim8rFSK took the hamburger meat, threw it on the grill, and I said "Oh 


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sTaRShInE_mOOnBeAm aT HoTmAil dOt CoM 

NP: "All I Really Want" -- Alanis Morissette

"Now, technology's getting better all the time and that's fine, 
but most of the time all you need is a stick of gum, a pocketknife, 
and a smile."

-- Robert Redford "Spy Game"
Yeah, they showed it on THE SOUP.  The wife says to the little kid 
"wanna crank call Daddy!?!?!?" and then is coaching him on leaving a 
message on Bonaduce's voice mail about 'daddy is bi-polar' or whatever.  
It was pure evil.
In article <ANIM8Rfsk-C5AB0C.20511123112006@news.phx.highwinds->, Anim8rFSK took the hamburger meat, threw it on the grill, 
and I said "Oh Wow"...

Wow, that's pretty fucked up.
Well, Gretchen is pretty fucked up.  She married him on the first 
date, or something like that, because she wouldn't have sex.  Now, 
if that was true, it's an afront to the god she apparently pretended 
to honor *just* to have sex.  On the other hand, it's *totally* 
fucked up because the alternative is a goldigger wanting to marry 
someone she thought had a lot of money, which is totally *not* 
Danny.  Why it has gone on this long regardless of the circumstances 
is beyond me.

We had a client whose husband came home one day and, for reasons 
unknown, killedd his daughter, grandchild, and turned the gun on 
himself.  He survived, but with the brain trauma doesn't remeber 
himself.  His wife was conflicted about getting a divorced because 
she vowed that "in sickness and in health" she would always be by 
his side.  Apparently she doesn't believe that god sees 
extraordinary circumstances.  I personally don't believe that god 
would fault an individual for distancing themselves from a killer, 
or, in Danny's case, someone who consistently betrays his spouse.  
It's all the same.  One cannot, and should not, be expected to love 
and honor someone who does not love and honor them.  The vows go in 
all directions.
Whereas you fucked *for* money, in hopes of making it big.  Doesn't
seem to have worked out for either of you, now did it?

Pot, meet kettle.

One of the grounds for "annulment" is fraud.  If your spouse took
his/her vows to love, honor and everything else, then cheated, lied,
made your life miserable, you have reason for dissolution of the

Unless of course, you married him/her for publicity in the first place,
enjoy the negative attention, love to play the professional victim,
hope to become the host of a crappy Cable show just so you can see
yourself on TV and get your 15 minutes of fame...then it's okay.

The problem for her, is that Danny is not famous enough for her to
become this year's "Bimbo of the Year", like Monica Lewinsky, Jessica
Hahn, that Senator's wife who no one remembers, the other 3-4 Bimbos
who tried to become famous by accusing Bill Clinton and other
politicians of philandering, and all the others who posed for Playboy
magazine and made fools of themselves.

She can always become a born-again Christian.

I remember her ..  sort of 

posed nude on the capital steps or something


I have NO idea what her name was

google, google, google


Rita Jenrette

He was a Congressman

and yes, she has her own website

where you can see grainy pictures of her meeting famous people 30 years 
A blind date, as the story goes.  Of course, I've never figured out how 
you get married the day you meet in Arizona.  You'd think you'd have to 
go to Vegas or Mexico for that.

I think she thought he had money.  Certainly he had celebrity.

Gretchen's sexual repetoire is apparently quite limited as well, which 
is why Danny ended up with a 300 pound transvestite Native American 
hooker in a parking lot someplace . . .

And no, I haven't the slightest idea why they are still together.
What the hell makes you think any of it's real, Ani?  I mean, my god,
we're talking Bonaduce here.  The Heisenberg Principle definitely
applies to this "reality" show.

  -- Rob
I know its real.  I used to run across him in his homeless clubbing
days.  He's like that when the cameras are off.  I think his wife must
be insane.

For what its worth, I bumped into him one evening right outside of Ruby Foos 
last winter and he looked frighteningly terrible - still, he was sociable.
Did you say to Danny, "I used to love you ?"

Former child stars who destroy themselves give the excuse that they
have to listen to strangers say, "I used to love you."  At least,
that's what Paul Petersen says they have to listen to.  Every time Leif
Garrett gets busted for a misdemeanor, Mr. Petersen appears on
television yet again to explain how awful it is for Leif or Danny or
whoever to hear, "I used to love you."
So why did Billy Mumy turn out okay?
|> Former child stars who destroy themselves give the excuse that they
|> have to listen to strangers say, "I used to love you."  At least,
|> that's what Paul Petersen says they have to listen to.  Every time
|> Leif Garrett gets busted for a misdemeanor, Mr. Petersen appears on
|> television yet again to explain how awful it is for Leif or Danny
|> or whoever to hear, "I used to love you."
|So why did Billy Mumy turn out okay?

apparently "you used to creep me out" isn't as damaging as "i used to
love you".
[email protected] (James Dolan) said:

Also, Mumy could send them to the cornfield if they bugged him too
Bonaduce was on an interview show years ago where he said he was a fuck 
up.  It didn't have anything to do with him being a child star or not; 
he was just a fuck up.

It was refreshingly honest.
Now I'll be refreshingly honest.  Paul Petersen is full of shit.

He says Bonaduce and every other troubled ex - child star has to put up
with strangers saying, "I used to love you."

Mr. Petersen is not a licensed therapist, but even licensed therapists
who make such exaggerations to press a point have little credibility.

Hey Mr. Petersen, what do people say in public to former U. S.
congressmen like Mike Barnes of Maryland ?   "I used to vote for you."
 Gimme a break, Petersen.

If a licensed therapist has any success, it's on a one - on - one basis
or with couples counselling.  A therapist cannot generalize that people
say, "I used to feel this way" to a stranger who used to do this or
that for a living.   How can the licensed therapist evaluate somebody
he has never met.  So when Paul Petersen generalizes, he's full of shit.
How old is Paul Peterson?  Shouldn't he have gotten over this by now?
He's 61. says 1945 is his year.  "Getting over it" is
something Paul must deal with inside his psyche and inside his heart.
That's his business.  What I'm concerned about is his public
statements.   He needs to stop saying, "There's nothing worse than
getting approached in public by a stranger who says, 'I used to love
you.' "

Has anyone actually said that in public ?   If they have, might they
say it to a has - been actor WHO WAS OVER THE AGE OF 18 WHEN HE / SHE

Why should I believe Paul Petersen's claim that obsessive fans only say
"I used to love you" to those who were kids when they shone brightly in
your living room.

Sorry, Paul, but "I used to love you" is your fantasy.   The line "You
have the right to remain silent" is reality.  It's a statement heard by
many victims of child sexual abuse who grow up to break the law and
sell their bodies.   That's reality.  The Paul Petersen movement is
Just for the record, Paul Petersen is the head of an organization that 
advocates on behalf of child actors.  It quite literally is "his business", 
and "getting over it" would put him out of business.
His business needs a new slogan.  The slogan indicating that people
tell a stranger, "I used to love you" is false.   Anyone who says that
apropos of nothing needs some counselling.  There are also people who
say out of the blue, "I used to live on another planet."
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That's exactly why I like him.  He doesn't try to blame other when everyone 
else does.

Since this thread started I have been reminded of an guest appearance he did 
on that horrible show Pacific Blue years ago.  This particular episode 
starred several former child actors in typical cable gimmickry.  The funny 
part is when Bonaduce, playing a has been actor, tries to rob a liquor 
store -- only to find someone else is already holding it up.  The two 
robbers then hold their guns on one another and argue over who gets to rob 
the store.  It was just so unbelievable it was great.
If he sobered up, he'd have to actually accomplish something.  He
enjoys being fucked up and his wife enjoys playing martyr.   It's the
path of least resistance.

I agree. Unfortunately, he can't really get help because the whole show 
depends on him being a complete fuck-up.