Speculation: TSCC idea

TV Arts

Does anyone else think there's some sort of sub-text going on with John 
Connor and Cameron?

Obviously, he doesn't know her origins, as they are in the future. But 
there were hints last season, and again in yesterday's season premiere 
that she's somehow special (or modeled on someone special) to the future 
John Connor.

Maybe her biological components or "personality" programming are 
cloned/copied from a future lover/spouse? And she knows this, but her 
programming forbids her from disclosing it to his younger self.
Yep, not to be disclosed except under an Asimov's Three Laws type
of scenario perhaps.  The failsafe may start "Do Not Kill or Harm John
Connor or Sarah Connor" and perhaps that would have kicked in before
she actually killed John.  The failsafe isn't working perfectly because
she's damaged.

Then, she gets squashed and John is about to kill her.  So a second
(or third) law -- self-preservation -- overrides the secrecy law on the
relationship they had (or will have from Current John's point of view).