Starz developing Dean Koontz's "Twilight Eyes" miniseries

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Starz Preps Dean Koonz Limited Series

EXCLUSIVE: Back when Chris Albrecht took the reins of Starz as CEO
over a year ago, he said that the programming focus of the pay cable
network will be on original series and big event miniseries/limited
series. With nothing in the pipeline in the big event arena, Albrecht
picked up the eight-part miniseries Pillars of the Earth. Now Starz
may be ready to roll out its first original limited series, an
adaptation of Dean Koonz' 1985 novel Twilight Eyes. The project, which
centers on Slim MacKenzie who uses his psychic powers, aka Twilight
Eyes, to hunt Goblins, monsters that have the ability to mimic human
beings, is in high-priority development.

Koonz has shied away from TV in the past few years and no book of his
has been adapted to the small screen in a decade. His former agent at
WMA, Rob Lee, now head of his own production company Bayonne
Entertainment, remembered Koonz once talking about Twilight Eyes as a
potential miniseries. But Koonz wanted a longer treatment - 6-8 hours,
something the broadcast networks, the primary longform buyers in the
1990s, were not interested in. Lee teamed with writer Stephen Tolkin
who had adapted two Koonz novels as TV movies, the 1997 Intensity and
1998 Mr. Murder. The two pitched the idea for a Twilight Eyes limited
series to Koonz, and he gave them their blessing. To stay true to the
book, which Lee described as "quite violent and sensual," he decided
to go to premium cable and pitched the project to Starz, which picked
it up with a premium development deal. (Lee has a relationship with
Albrecht and briefly worked under him at IMG.) While the events in the
book take place even before the 1980s, the adaptation will be set in
present day. Koonz, who is involved in the development process, is
executive producing with Lee and Tolkin, who is writing the script.
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