Steven Bochco making drama set 3 million years in future

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Steven Bochco and Entertainment One Team Up on 'Evolution'
by Etan Vlessing

TORONTO - Entertainment One is pacting with veteran writer/producer
Steven Bochco to produce the one-hour TV drama Evolution.

The series, set three million years in the future, sees a box of human
knowledge unearthed, which in turn unleashes a Darwinian struggle for
innovation and survival.

The series will be produced by Toronto-bsaed Entertainment One, in
association with Steven Bochco Productions.

Evolution was created and written by Bochco and Bryan Law.
Bochco, along with Entertainment One’s John Morayniss and Michael
Rosenberg, will executive produce.

Law will serve as supervising producer.

The Canadian producer will also handle distribution sales of Evolution

The Canadian tie-up follows Bochco creating a string of popular TV
dramas that includes Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and Hooperman.

“Their domestic and international expertise makes the company an ideal
partner for a bold series like ours. They think outside the box,”
Bochco said of partnering up with Entertainment One.
Hooperman??  Popular????
John Ritter was great in HOOPERMAN, one of first dramedies.

At best it was a cult hit.
I really liked it when Debrah Farentino was in it, and it died when she

The three-million-year thing is going to be a magnet for trouble.
Either they'll show evolved humans, which will piss off the fundies, or
they'll show standard 21st-century humans, which will piss off the
thinking people -- this if they're showing humans and not evolved Red
Dwarf cats, I mean.
There's enough idiots complaining about flat tyres in Terra Nova. They'll
have a "lots of fun" with humans in three million years times still having
basically the same technology as we have today.  :-\
Everybody assumes evolution is a one-way street, but humans could prove
them wrong.

France was once the home of the greatest engineers in the world.  Then
they killed off all the good male genes trying to build the Panama Canal
and fighting Germans.

And also, I'll point out, they had to retool the SAT scores a couple of
decades back, because the scores were getting too low.
The show will be set 200,000 years after the human race restarted for
the ninth time.
Will they be bald people who dress like The Blues Brothers, as in

(Why do you think they are using prehistoric tech to mimic the 20th