Stupid Sci-fi channel and or Comcast!

TV Arts

The dolts never added the season finale part two of Crossroads onto
the on-demand listings.
It's there now.  Check again.
Nope, still not available here, I gave up and went over to a relatives
house and watched it there today. Thanks for replying.
You're quite welcome, but . . . it's still not on your version of
Comcast?  Unless you've moved (or I'm confusing you with someone
else), it's not as if we're in different states.  Jesus, I'm really
surprised it hasn't shown up for you yet.  At any rate, I'm glad you
were able to watch it.  I thought it was great.
No, still same bat channel and same bat time, and bat location, the
relative's house I went to is only 3 1/2 miles away so god knows why
its available there and not here?