Summer doldrums of sparse new drama series and reality TRASH

TV Arts

"In Plain Sight," a white-bread "network safe" version of "Saving
But the whole premise of the summer doldrums is DEAD!
Do they really think kids and teens and adults are all outside
"playing" all summer?  Have they read the latest stats on chair-bound
video game fanaticism, or the fact they'll all on My Space or
Facebook?  Guess what, you octogenarian Hollywood ASS-----s, you've
lost your audiences!  Time for the DEATH of reality TV (and hopefully,
all the fans in a big war).
Read a book, go for a walk, plant a garden, talk to your neighbors....
It's a great time to go to the theatre!
Should't that actually be "summer theatre!"?

Sure, Broadway continues, but I thought most regular theatre
went on hiatus in the summer, just like tv.

Bot the regular theatre and dance here clear out by now, leaving things
empty for the Fringe Festival.  The I Ching told me to stay away this
year, but I got called up, apparently they cannot put up the Beer Tent
without my help. And just the other day I was wondering if my lifetime
Superpass was going to come through this year.  The two weeks of the
year when I never watch tv.

From: [email protected] (MichaelĀ Black)
Shouldn't that actually be "summer theatre!"?
Okay. More opportunities to see live theatre-- for people in "the
hinterlands" especially.