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Is there any reason to continue watching this piece of horrid male teenage 
angst/gun-toting trash except to jerk off to those two ghost busting 

The show is pure garbage, but I'll say this...I've shot more wads looking 
at Jensen Ackles than anyone else in my whole life!  I nearly ripped a hole 
through the roof tonight when he hugged his brother.  Oh man, now it's 
dripping back down slowly.  Gonna have to move my keyboard.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!  Hope you've got good homeowners insurance for when the
plaster starts falling down around your, ahem... head.  LOL  ;-)

And I agree, Jensen Ackles is insanely gorgeous.  He looks even better than
he did while on "Days"; grown up and out a lot.  But I have never watched
much of "Supernatural" at all.  CSI is more my style (comes on at the same
time); Grissom RULES!  :-)  Finales tonight (both CSI and Smallville) were
awesome.  It's gonna be a long, HOT/HUMID, boring television Summer hiatus
here in Houston!  (no alliteration intended!)

Bizarro makes his appearance!  Will blue Kryptonite be seen next season?

And, okay, maybe the series will end with Clark finally putting on The Suit, but I think 
it should be some time a lot sooner.  The guy is old enough now to be Super*man*.  But 
even before that, gods, he has GOTTEN to start wear his glasses next season!!!

And I actually like SUPERNATURAL for more than just the great eye candy.  Still, these 
guys REALLY need to start taking off their shirts regularly.

         -- Franklin Hummel in Boston, Massachusetts
Suit, but I think
Super*man*.  But

Just curious.  What did you think of the episode entitled, "Noir", with
Jimmy's dream taking them back into the '40s?  I really liked it, thought it
was very well done.  The old-time lingo was great!  And Clark did wear his
glasses, and was perfectly clumsy in the style of Chris Reeve's rendition.
Do you ever post to

Ah, the good ol' days of 5 different types of Kryptonite!

I watched about 5 minutes of it, then turned it off.  I'm just not a fan of present-day 
characters pretending to be actual characters in the past.  When the did a similar thing 
on DS9 (I hardly ever watched that, unless I was in need of quasi-pseudo-STAR REK) I 
watched about 5 minutes and gave up.

I did notice some of that.  However, for me in just brought home that Clark ought to be 
wear his glasses NOW.  They have do it a long lead time before Clark puts on The Suit, if 
he every does in this series.  I mean, for Superman to suddenly appear and Clark starts 
wearing glasses at the same time.  P-lease!

Okay, the glasses as we all know are a REALLY silly disguise that wouldn't fool anyone a 
second.  But it is part of the mythos.

Nope, though I use to post a lot to the BABYLON 5 newsgroup until it went moderated and 
then I bailed out because I thought that was a bad thing to happen to that newsgroup.

I also use to post a lot to but then one person I knew from that group 
died, a young man who died around 20 years of age (illness) who had the potential to have 
been an incredible writer.

Then about a year later, another poster died and he and I had been, in my opinion, the 
two most knowledgeable of SF TV (and even SF literary) in it, and he had trusted me to 
tell me a lot of stuff he didn't tell anyone else in the group.  THAT just destroyed my 
interest in that newsgroup.  It was if the heart of it had been removed for me.

I post basically to alt.horror.cthulhu, and to soc.motss.  I might want to post to a 
HEROES newsgroup, but I am not sure if there is one yet.  It is by far one of the best 
SF/Fantasy TV series in a long time, especially on one of the major network!

        -- Franklin Hummel in Boston, Massachusetts
I haven't watched Smallville or Supernatural in a while because I
chose to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy instead. I watched the
season finales for Smallville and Supernatural last night ( I recorded
Betty and Grey's), and I was psyched for next season. Thank goodness I
now have a DVR so I can watch all of my fav shows on Thursday night.
By the way Jared Padalecki is really really yummy looking! :o)

I have missed Smallville because I can never find it anymore.  Supernatural,
never heard of it. DOn'tlike UB or Grey's anatomy.

Do you watch Survivor.

people at work were talking about it (of course) and someone
said that one of them brought as their luxury item, some
mascara. She said she would bring a magnifying glass, really
proud of herself because she would be able to start a fire. So
I sai, uh, why not just bring matches. And she thought about
it for a second and says "They'd get wet!". So I say, uh, not
if you dip them in paraffin beforehand. She and the other
person in the conversation just stare at me, not knowing what to say
- like, obviously that would work, but how did I think of that
so quickly. obviously this show is nothing about survival.

then more people start talking about that British show where
they have to make stuff to solve real problems, out of junk in
a junkyard. And of course, the predictable comment " well,
that just shows you how much more advanced British TV is!"
Thankfully someone said - "uh, Benny Hill".

You know how TV shows have the network and TV show at the
bottom of the screen every time they come back from a
commercial, for a few seconds? One day on The Fugitive (movie)
it said, every time "The Truman Show". over and over! nobody
noticed it. right up there with the classic "I'M NOT READY


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You aren't looking very hard.  It's on Thursday at 8pm ET.  The same place it has been 
for many seasons now.

SUPERNATURAL is on Thursdays as well, at 9pm ET, directly after SMALLVILLE.  Same day and 
time it has been since it started.

Both are on CW, the network that replaced UPN and the WB, and have been since that 

        -- Franklin Hummel in Boston, Massachusetts
it has been

what channel is ET?  I can't find it in my line up.  It used to be on 4, but
I moved and I can't find it on this new cable company.

I do like Salma Hayek though.
o and my mother said that the squirrel in our yard was waving her tail a
She is now named Salma Hayek
Same day and
since that

o CW?  I guess that happened while I was moving

except I used to catch Smallville on Saturdays and Sundays and never on
What channel is the Saturday showing on now?

I really the guy who plays young clark.  I remember he was in this movie
where he was the sixth beatle.  or was
that betelgeuse?  maybe he was the original beat.
why do you present me with these mysteries?  sheesh.


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