Surface, Invasion OR Threshold?

TV Arts

After watching several weeks of all three of these shows, I must say
that Surface is the clear winner for me.

After the pilots aired, I was convinced that Threshold was going to be
the best (I really like Carla Gugino - heck, I like 'em all - esp. the
cute dwarf guy!) but the past couple of episodes seem more like a
typical crime drama.

Invasion offers nothing original, imo, and the characters are boring.
Surface is more character driven and is fresh (despite the Close
Encounters rip-off storeyline in last week's ep.).  Any opinions?

Also, how are all three doing in the ratings?

I am in agreement with everything you said.

Threshold is basically another CBS's CSI with aliens.

Invasion ratings drop week after week, and is produced by Shaun
Cassidy. Enough said.

Surface ratings increase was enough for NBC to give it a full season