TITANIC - Will TNT show the nude painting scene?

TV Arts

I hope so.

They should grow some balls.

It's artistic nudity, not porn.  The beauty of God's creation.  It
should be broadcast.


Family Guy joke:
Jack: "I'm dying."
Rose: "Goodbye."
Jack: "No I'm just kidding.  Really I feel pretty good."
Rose: "Oh Jack.  Now we can go get married!"

Jack: "Uh yeah, about that.  It was fun and all, but let's not make a
big deal of it.  I've got this girl back in New York, and it's pretty
serious.  This was just a summer fling."
Rose: "Oh. :-("

Jack: "I still can't believe you posed naked for me.  Man.  That 'I'm
an artist' line never worked before.  Wow.  You really are gullible."

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Hasn't that movie/scene been shown on broadcast television?

In my opinion, the MPAA really exposed their unevenhandedness when rating 
the Titanic movie.  We have people shooting guns, we have frontal nudity, 
and we have scores of dead bodies, yet the MPAA gives it all a pass in the 
name of 'art'.  It remindes me of the days of the early AIDS scare when that 
movie 'The Pickup Artist' had to edit out a few bad words just to avoid an 
'R' rating because the MPAA was exercising their right to uneven ratings 
rules application.
Anyone seen the documentary "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated?"
I'm pretty sure CBC showed it in two parts recently.