TMZ new season starts Tuesday, you choose Harvey's season 4 cup!

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Harvey's Season 4 Cup -- You Choose!

With the fourth season of "TMZ on TV" beginning TUESDAY, we're faced
with a taste question ... so of course we have trouble answering --
From which cup should Harvey sip his mystery beverage?!

Click through the mug shot gallery and then vote on the cup you like
best!   This time, for drama, the voting is blind.  Watch Tuesday's
show to see if you scored.
YaY!!!  :)
And people call ME a paid TMZ shill! ;-)
I didn't know that "TMZ" had seasons. Wonder where Ian got his Justin
Bieber news during the break.
It's not like TMZ goes into "reruns", David!

But I must have my fix of their Justin Bieber imitation voice!!  :D
Who's the guy that does all the narration, anyway?
In article 

According to last night's episode, TMZ's voice-over guy actually played 
Rudy's friend in the movie "Rudy"!!
I thought that's what was meant, but I wasn't positive.  Well, they
chose the perfect opportunity to reveal it, what with Joe Mantegna's —
er, I mean Joe Montana's comments.

I swear that 90% of the show consists of voiceover guy making jokes
and repeating the same clips and phrases multiple times.  The other
10% is entertainment news.

But I watch it faithfully every night.

"Harvey, you were born to use that cup!"
I don't like to watch when Harvey's not there. Without him, the show's
60% less. According to all the jokes they were cracking late in the
week, gay old Harv is RICH! And they've made kind of subtle jokes
about Harvey's sexuality in the past ("Is this a who-would-you-
rather?" asks Harvey, to which an employee quips "We know who _you'd_
pick!"; cut to Harvey's sheepish grin and then let's-drop-it tone).
does TMZ pay AFTRA/SAG for the performances their members provide?
I dunno but I wonder where they get some of those people, one time their
roving people asked Larry King what he had in his front seat and he said,
"It's my Emmy." I thought I heard that blonde chick (who isn't half-bad
looking) say "what are the Emmys?" and Levin quickly clued her in.
No clue. But he's pretty good, IMO.  :)