TNT Baseball announcer farts on live TV (video)

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Dead Air -- Baseball Announcer Farts on TV


TNT baseball analyst David Wells thought he could get away with
ripping a silent-but-deadly during a live broadcast the other night --
until someone on the panel caught wind ... and called him out on
national TV!!!

Wells was forced to own up to the fart, saying, "I'm sorry ... I
didn't mean to stink it up."

Thanks to Deadspin for sniffin' this one out.

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You'd think the giant TBS logo would be a good tip-off, but no. 

Terry Bradshaw does this dozens of times every pregame show but his
co-hosts are too gentlemanly to point it out. Leave it to basic cable
to be low-class.
Most people agree that last night's game on TBS was the best playoff
game of the season so far!
Uh huh. By the end of the game there were so few viewers that the
announcers were farting on-air.
But the stands were packed, that's dedication and true fandom.
Kowledgeable baseball fans like exciting pitching matchups and close,
tense games. Philly fans want to see their team in a blowout and to
get to toss a snowball at someone.
So a shutout or no hitter is of no interest to you? There was great
pitching last night, it just so happened to all be on one team.
You should keep watching the Yankees game. *They* know how to
There, was that tense enough for you!?!?!?
No. I hate games where I can't decide who to root against. Do I hate
the Phillies or do I hate Manny and Dodgers fans more? Yergh!
i have heard that one!!! but i bet somewhere a person is burping in a
gas station commercial
Weak response, and the fucking Yankees can't entertain if they mess up
my recording of House which is much more entertaining 100 times out of
a 100.
Maybe the correct number of DVRs you need is four!!