TORCHWOOD season 3, no spoilers

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I just finished watching the third season of TORCHWOOD:

I cried. Can't wait for the next season. hopefully it doesn't take
so long to air.
[email protected] says...

I actually liked it even though its not the kind of scifi generally 
prefer. On one level it isn't even scifi (remove a few bits and its just 
a morality play), but it moves a fair clip and the gay agenda has sort 
of morphed from teenage giggles (though there are more jokes about it 
ironically enough) of the first seasons to a slightly more mature "lets 
talk about how we feel" thing (and only two kisses ;)
I wonder how the general US reaction will be, I think its safe to say 
that this is something which would never ever be allowed on US network 
TV - certainly not the ending which I am assuming posters here will 
describe as "dark".
But not as dreary as the other seasons, the one long story helps it I 
think - of course that may be the old fans may not like it. But such is