TV Land's Three's Company marathon with a twist

TV Arts

Yea, yea, yea--what is new--another 48 hour marathon......but this time they 
are throwing in episodes of "The Ropers" and "Three's a Crowd" (albeit in 
the overnight hours).
Three's Company:  two girls, a guy, and lots of gay stereotype jokes.
Will & Grace:  two, guys, a girl, and lots of gay stereotype jokes.

...but with Will & Grace there really were gay characters...TV has come so 
far.  ;-)
except that Three's Company was actually funny most of the time ;)
Uh, W&G had 2 females, sometimes 3 in eps with Rosario. Will, Jack, and
Grace rarley lived together all at once.

Garondo Marondo!
Three's Company had Don Knotts or those Ropers or Larry that was around 
frequently.  It doesn't really change the fact that both shows primarily 
revolved around 3 characters and lots of gay stereotyping.