TV show about a fertility doc who used his own sperm?

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Was this called "Bakersfield"?

Anyway, it seems a doctor in Vegas is now accused of doing this as

I don't know, but the ABC daytime soap 'All My Children' is going 
TOTALLY sci-fi here w/ a plot. In the day, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) 
becomes pregnant w/ husband Jeff Martin's baby and decides to have an 
abortion, the FIRST in daytime history! Well, the current idiot AMC 
writers decided to REWRITE history in the past 7 months by having this 
world renowned fertility doctor Dr. Greg Madden come to town. It turns 
out GREG performed the abortion (they use the gentle word "procedure" 
and "terminate"; aw, isn't that so swell of them?!) and pulled the fetus 
out of her womb and implanted it in another woman's, since he and his 
wife couldn't conceive naturally. They also rewrote history by saying 
this happened in an abortion clinic in upper NY state WHEN WE KNOW VERY 
WELL it happened in Pine Valley Hospital! So, now Erica's daughter 
Kendall Hart is pregnant and is seeing... you guess it-- Greg Madden as 
her physician and poeple think he'll do the same thing to her (pull an 
under-developed baby out of a woman's womb and implant it in another) 
and say she "lost" it!!! Can you believe it? On 'Passions', sure, why 
not? But not on a mainstream soap like AMC.

Right now Kendall is on a private island owned by Madden. A spa filled 
w/ nothing else but other pregnant women. We fans joke in horror and 
cringe in reality that they all might be women pregnant w/ Erica's egg 
and Greg's sperm. ALL MY CHILDREN INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was called "Bakersfield P.D.".  I LOVED that show!  The doctor story 
was just the kickoff storyline, though, to explain why the relatively 
urbane and sophisticated cop (Giancarlo Esposito) ended up moving his 
family from the Chicago area (I think) to Bakersfield.  The show was 
then about the ensuing culture shock and the general ineptitude of the 
hicks at the Bakersfield PD.  The cow-milking espisode was PRICELESS!
And on a related note, the "Lost" island is no longer the worst place
to crash-land.
They also use the acronym R.G. for ReGeneration even though 
"regeneration" is only one word. But I'm just being picky. :-p
how is that any different from referring to WordPerfect as WP?

(For the uninitiated, WordPerfect was at one time the word processing
software of choice until the MS juggernaut called Office arrived.)

Debbie "and some of us still use it"