Tacky Alert! -- view Heath Ledger's casket as paparazzi and fans swarm

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Public and Media Swarm as Heath is Moved

In a crush of spectators, photographers and video cameras, the body of
Heath Ledger was moved from the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in
New York -- in an outpouring of curiosity and grief reminiscent of the
deaths of John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe.

TMZ is told that Ledger's father is in New York, but he was not seen
at the funeral parlor today. There are reports of a private service
for Heath in L.A. this weekend. Ledger will be buried in Perth,

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Are they taking him for a couple valedictory laps around Manhattan?
Lord help us if Regis Philbin jogging and Heath's casket go down a one-
way street from opposite ends.