That new show Terra Nova.

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Has anyone brought this up?  This show and the somewhat ridiculous

If they're trying to salvage the human race by sending them back in
time, why the heck send them back to 85 million years ago?  Why not
send them back 10,000 years when modern human civilization was first
starting, and there were, you know, actual humans on the planet?
Instead of CGI dinosaurs and life-killing asteroids?  And won't that
asteroid kill the terra novans, too?
Presumably because that's the only time they can sent them back to.
Well, that's what I was wondering; is it going to be explained
somewhere that the time machine's slingshot can only be set on
High? :)  (And yes I realize how dubious it is criticizing a show that
hasn't aired yet, but....)
I figured that they were trying to avoid that 'go back in time and kill your 
own grandfather' type of scenario.  Going back to *way* before people 
existed and even to a time before the asteroid wipe out most life on Earth 
would be the safest bet...and really, give them lots and lots and lots of 
time before that asteroid or any rise of intelligent apes would be an issue. 
If they only figure that they need a few thousand years...or even a few 
hundred thousand years to develop technology to get off the planet, back in 
time that far is a perfectly good 'pit stop'.
Hi Obveeus,

Ray Bradbury would disagree with you:

Just kidding.  ;-)

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Hi Ed,

Sorry, I replied to Obveeus with the same idea before I saw your
post.  >:-(


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Sure, but if you go back far enough and to a point before the asteroid 
collision wipes out most life on Earth anyway, the chances of messing up 
something important to the future are far less than if you only went back 
1,000 years.
I dont really think you can even step foot thru a time machine without
significantly altering the future.  Back to The Future was a more
accurate portrayal of the butterfly effect than just about any serious
SciFi TV or movie.
There's no way to know without discovering the science that would
allow it to happen. As it is, one easy solution to the potential
problem is that they are not traveling back into their own timeline
but into another timeline. So any changes they make won't impact their
own original timeline.
Of course ... how would you KNOW?
Can't you just look at the family photo in your wallet and see if anyone is 
slowly fading away?

Case closed.
Wow.  A Chinese physicist just told us something we already know.
Well that settles everything.

Except that we don't. The most we can say is that *based on what we know
at this time*, time travel is not possible. But there remains far more
that we *don't* know than stuff that we *do* know in this regard. The
"we know it all" arrogance of some people (both within the scientific
community and without) just floors me.
I am always amazed that Physicists "prove" things by assuming that
they already know every physical law. A high form of egotism.  Where
is Scully when we need her wisdom?
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Somewhere in Great Britain, apparently.  ;-)

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Exactly. Every time I read an article by someone *credible* in the
field, one of the things they go out of the way to mention is that there
is much that we don't know yet. Heck, we still don't have a clue about
dark matter, even though it is estimated to  comprise almost 1/4 of the
observable universe, whereas the matter that we *do* have a handle only
comprises some 5%. The other 70%? We're *beyond* totally clueless about
that. We also have no clue to explain the asymmetry between matter and
antimatter that is observed. And that's just two big examples among
many. And yet people will make absolute claims based on nothing more
than the small percentage of the cosmos that we presently can grasp. It
always amazes me when someone does it. Hubris, arrogance, ego. Call it
what you will.
That isn't what's going on here.
Another easy solution is that they already went back in time so the past was 
already changed to be whatever it was...and will be.
Most of the life, not all by any means. The most important probably be
the small mammals that lead to the rise of the Age of Mammals. Any
affect on the habitat or population of these could have an undetermined

Oh sure mammals were great for awhile, but look where that's gotten
If it weren't for mammals, no one ever would have found the inspiration to 
make that faux fur coat you wear.
It pays to know The Wig Master from "Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat."
Sure, killing the rat that turns out to be a missing link would still be a 
big problem, but not nearly as guaranteed a problem as going back only 1,000 
Of course, the idea that some things are 
important and some things aren't is a fallacy of our 
perspective. All electrons are created equal. Change 
one, and you have a paradox.
Exactly what I was thinking about.  In Terra Nova, they must've
written off where they came from as a lost cause, and don't care about
I read or heard somewhere that they are using a branching timeline for 
this show so whatever they do in the past won't affect their own futures.