The Big Bang Theory: a Roseanne reunion show?

TV Arts

So we've got Johnny Galecki starring.

Sara Gilbert had a small role last week.

And this week, Laurie Metcalf plays Sheldon's mother.

Who'll be next........?
John Goodman as a neighbor who can't get out of his apartment.

(yeah I went there. The man has a problem)
I read that Goodman has lost a ton of weight recently. I hope it's
true as he was looking like  a stroke waiting to happen.
Best line on West wing:
"I'm one pork chop away from a stroke." (paraphrased)
Damn shame, too, because he is a hell of an actor. I've seen him do well 
in all sorts of dramatic and comedic roles. Once you get past the 
'That's Dan Conner!' thing, he is quite impressive. I'd hate like hell 
to see him follow Belushi the elder into a self-induced grave. Food can 
be just as deadly as drugs, just usually slower (modulo the occasional 
myocardial infarc.)

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