The Cut - Tommy Hilfiger's new reality show

TV Arts

I don't get it.  Is this suppose to be a rip off of all the other
reality shows?  He is a designer but asks contestants -- who are not
experienced at all in much of anything  -- to decorate billboards on
Times Square.  Dangerous and the results were pitiful.  Why doesn't he
have them do something more in the clothing design business?  At the
end of the show, he puts people in "the pit" to make a decision who
goes and announces "You have no style" or some stupid remark as he cuts
someone.  A rip off from the Donald's show?

Next week, they pimp the ride of some celebrities.
It's about style, not clothing.  I don't know where he got the
contestants, but they are pretty pitiful, and I feel sorry for the ones
who are truly there to advance in the fashion business.