The Electoral Map Today - Obama Wins!

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Kind of looks like a landslide for Obama at 301 and far behind is
McCain at 224, with 13 ties between them.  So since the last time I
posted electoral vote numbers, Obama gained 58 votes and McCain gained
35 votes.

I think this is more fun than posting Nielsen ratings.
I especially like this part:

Dem pickups (vs. 2004):  	 CO  IA  NV  NM  ND  OH  	
GOP pickups (vs. 2004):  	(None)


Any three of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, all three of which are now
swing states.  And FTR, MO is ALSO a swing state -- it went 53-47%
toward Bush in the last election and with that ratio is considered a
purple state.  Keep in mind that both of its senators are Democrats
and the outgoing governor, one of the Blunts, was corrupt as hell,

Clearly, Dems are going to pick up around 5-6 Senate seats, more than
enough to firmly and confidently throw Liebermann out of the caucus on
his whiny ass.  That these states are swinging Democratic in the
Senate races *strongly* suggests a higher voter turnout for Democrats
in the presidential race in these states.  That said, ND is still a
huge question mark, not even as close to going Dem in the presidential
race as Florida, Ohio or Virginia (or IMO, even Missouri) are.  

Hell, North Carolina is starting to be considered "in play," too.
Given, however, that Missouri's demographics, strangely enough, are
roughly similar to that of the country as a whole, the closer MO gets
to swinging Blue -- ** even if it ultimately doesn't go Blue ** -- the
more likely, IMO, that the more clearly swing states such as the
aforementioned Florida, Ohio and/or Virginia are going to be the
states that go blue.  (Yes, in miniature, I'm saying that these three
critical swing states and Nevada and probably Montana are skewing even
bluer than MO.)

However, it's still two months until the election and, since the last
two elections were [strike] stolen [/strike] so close, it's still too
soon to consider any of these states as anything but up in the air
regarding the electoral college.

  -- Rob
Florida will go to McCain. Those in charge of elections here will MAKE
it happen. The same may be true in Ohio.
Not sure it would matter if he continues to pick up states like he is.