The Final Fall Count Is In

TV Arts

With anywhere from 1 to 7 episodes having aired so far with the new
shows [except yet-to-air "Freddie"], here's the final tally from me
as to how well or poorly each has fared on average.  Some shows
may've initially gotten higher ratings from me with their pilots, but
their subsequent episodes are what dragged them down to the numbers you
see here below.

Scoring is from 0 to 10, with anything beyond 8 being an extreme rarity
in my book.  Scoring is also basically based on two combined factors:
the degree to which I look forward to watching a show tempered by how
well its premise is executed, in and of itself and not necessarily in
comparison to other shows.

Simply put, I guess you can say that if I were running a network that
needed some holes to fill and the 31 fall series below made up the
development slate from which I had to choose my fall lineup for my
network, then I'd pick all those shows scoring above a 0, which in
this case adds up to 8 series amounting to 6 hours to fill - which
sounds just about right for a typical network fall lineup.

0 - Commander in Chief
0 - Freddie [yet to air, but the promos alone are killing it]
0 - Invasion
0 - Night Stalker
0 - Hot Properties
Avg: 0

0 - How I Met Your Mother
4 - Out of Practice
0 - Close to Home
5 - Criminal Minds
5 - Ghost Whisperer
5 - Threshold
Avg: 3.1

0 - Surface
2 - My Name Is Earl
0 - The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
0 - E-Ring
0 - Three Wishes
0 - Inconceivable
Avg: 0.03

0 - The War at Home
3 - Kitchen Confidential
8 - Prison Break [actually 7.5, but I'm rounding things out]
0 - Bones
0 - Head Cases
0 - Reunion
0 - Killer Instinct
Avg: 1.5

0 - Sex, Love and Secrets
4 - Everybody Loves Chris
0 - Love, Inc.
Avg: 1.3

0 - Just Legal
0 - Supernatural
0 - Related
0 - Twins
Avg: 0

Overall New Series Average: .098 out of 10.  Next season, please.
Ghost Whishperer and Threshold get your highest score?  Nothing you
said will hold any credibility.  You really should step away from the