The January 2010 Sked Changes

TV Arts

The January 2010 lineups for the nets, including December and February
changes.  Dates are for when a show will debut, return or begin airing
in a new time slot.  Double-dated shows are those with dates for both
a preview airing and a time slot debut.  The skeds are based on what
The Futon Critic published on its site.  For cable dates, go here:

Unfailingly once again, it’s going to be a long, dreary mid-season,


ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos
CBS 60 Minutes
NBC Dateline [2 hrs, Jan 10]
FOX Series Repeats

ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
CBS The Amazing Race
FOX The Simpsons

FOX The Cleveland Show

ABC Desperate Housewives
CBS Cold Case [Dec 6]
NBC Specials [2 hrs, Jan 10]
FOX Family Guy

FOX American Dad!

ABC Brothers and Sisters
CBS Series Repeats


ABC The Bachelor [2 hrs, Jan 4]
CBS How I Met Your Mother
NBC Chuck [Jan 10/11]
FOX House, M.D.
C W One Tree Hill

CBS Accidentally on Purpose

CBS Two and Half Men
NBC Heroes [Jan 4]
FOX 24 [Jan 17/18]
C W Life Unexpected [Jan 18]

CBS The Big Bang Theory

ABC Castle
CBS CSI: Miami
NBC The Jay Leno Show


ABC Repeats & Specials
NBC The Biggest Loser [2 hrs]
FOX American Idol [Jan 12]
C W 90210

ABC Scrubs [Dec 1]
         Lost [Feb 2]
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles
FOX Our Little Genius [Jan 13/19]
C W Melrose Place

ABC Better Off Ted [Dec 8]

ABC The Forgotten
CBS The Good Wife
NBC The Jay Leno Show


ABC Modern Family [repeats]
CBS The New Adventures of Old Christine
NBC Mercy
FOX American Idol [Jan 13]
C W One Tree Hill [repeats Dec 23]

ABC The Middle
CBS Gary Unmarried

ABC Modern Family
CBS Criminal Minds
NBC Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
FOX Human Target [Jan 17/20]
C W  Gossip Girl [repeats Dec 23]

ABC Cougar Town

ABC Ugly Betty [Jan 6]
NBC The Jay Leno Show


ABC Repeats & Specials
CBS Survivor
NBC Community
FOX Bones
C W The Vampire Diaries

NBC Parks and Recreation

ABC Grey’s Anatomy
CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
NBC The Office
FOX Fringe
         Past Life [Feb 11]
C W Supernatural

NBC 30 Rock

ABC Private Practice
CBS The Mentalist
NBC The Jay Leno Show


ABC Super Nanny
CBS Ghost Whisperer
NBC Law & Order
FOX Bones [repeats Jan 8]
         House, M.D. [repeats Jan 29]
C W Smallville

ABC Shark Tank [Jan 8]
CBS Medium
NBC Dateline
FOX Dollhouse [Dec 4]
         Kitchen Nightmares [Jan 29]
C W  Series Repeats

ABC 20/20
CBS Numb3rs
NBC The Jay Leno Show


ABC Repeats & Specials [3 hrs]
CBS Series Repeats
NBC Series Repeats
FOX Cops

FOX Cops [repeats]

CBS Series Repeats
NBC Series Repeats
FOX America’s Most Wanted

CBS 48 Hours Mystery
NBC Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [repeats]
There's not a single show there that I care to watch.  I'm an old fart, 
though, so I don't think the network execs care about my viewing habits.
Maybe your age has nothing to do with the network execs not caring
about your viewing habits?  [evil grin!]

  -- Rob
I do find that the shows I like I often canceled.

It also could be that I've seen enough sitcoms and crime shows.  They 
don't interest me anymore.
What did you like about DEFYING GRAVITY? I enjoyed making fun of how
awful it was for me, but I'm always open to seeing things a different
way. Am doubly curious since you mentioned you don't like much else.
I like sci-fi shows that have real people dealing with typical sci-fi 
issues, like space travel, scientific discoveries, life in the future, 
aliens.  The shows with lots of action and bigger than life characters 
are entertaining but are really more action or fantasy shows than sci-fi 
shows.  Do we really expect that there will be lots of space battles and 
over the top villains in the future?

DG was an attempt at a sci-fi story that had normal humans put into a 
sci-fi situation that was portrayed in a fairly realistic manner.  They 
screwed up with the instant communications, but the rest of it was 
believable.  The plot didn't have any easy outs for the problems the 
characters encountered.

There have been some action heavy shows that I liked because there was a 
lot of focus on the people issues.  Namely TSCC, Space Above and Beyond, 
B5, Earth2 & Roswell.  I really liked 2001 when it was first shown in 
theaters despite the hokey ending.  It doesn't have the same impact on tv.
So you specifically like the sci-fi and yet *not* action/fantasy-type
combination in DF. I can see that. Interesting.

I had trouble with the "fairly realistic" part of it, unfortunately. A
lot if it became fodder for making fun of the show, which I did enjoy
doing, possibly way too much <g>. 

Thanks for answering!

I like the focus on people issues too, I did very much like SAAB. I
was sorry TSCC got cancelled because it had just started getting
interesting IMHO, but thought EARTH 2 was very cheesy <g>. I watched
it fairly recently, more than 10 years after it aired (and mostly for
Antonio Sabato Jr), so that might account for it. Didn't see ROSWELL,
and B5 is still on my To-Do list. Have you seen/what did you think of
I haven't seen Jeremiah, but the first two seasons of Roswell are
awesome.  The third season is the disaster that sprung the talentless
Adam "Delko the Dumbass" Rodriguez on the world.  AND derailed
Katherine Heigl's/Izzie's story arc.  AND yes, she's played a total of
three Izzies in her career so far character.

  -- Rob
I've seen "Jeremiah", so I can somewhat speak to it - IMO, the first
season is decent, the second season was less so, especially the second-
half of the second season. However, one thing to recommend "Jeremiah"
- it did semi-wrap up its storylines in the second season (series)
finale, so there were no major cliffhangers to ruin the ending.

I somewhat concur - the first season *was* awesome.

The second season was highly uneven, with some very good parts, and
some pretty horrid parts. But, for me, even with the many good good
guest performances (Emilie de Ravin, Sara Downing, Desmond Askew,
Allison Lange, Miko Hughes), on balance I consider it less than

On that, I pretty much wholeheartedly agree!
I never saw Jeremiah.  The plot sounded depressing so I never watched it.

Earth2 started out good but then got "cheesy" as you say.  I still found 
it intriguing, though, despite some of the stupid story elements.

Roswell was dismissed by many as a teen angst show, but it was better 
than that.  It did have some plot points that you had to not pay too 
much attention too.  They also brought in new writers for the 3rd season 
to jazz it up and the new writers really messed things up.

B5 was really good.  I especially liked some of the characters.
You have a very strange definition of "normal human" then.  Most of the 
problems they encountered were themselves because someone let these 
mental basket cases out of the asylum.

I understand what you mean but 'Defiling Gravity' wasn't it.  (Ya, ya, 
IMO and all that.)
A big part of the story was that the alien artifacts were screwing with 
the character's minds.
I want to snarkily say of course, that'd be the writers' excuse for
anything and everything that was badly written or that couldn't be
explained rationally! But come to think of it, I did enjoy the
flashback scenes of the characters, so maybe you have a point there.
I'm reaching <g> but I have to admit that I did keep watching DF only
because I got sucked into the astronauts' earlier stories.
Which it was able to do so well and easily because they were so screwed 
up to start with.
They did go a bit too far with that plot element.  No show is perfect. 
There are always things to overlook if you like it overall.  The 
Highlander TV series is a favorite of mine despite several stupid 
elements to the story.
That they had the courage to say "Abortion is wrong (but should still be 
Let's not forget that Ron Livingston looked like he was
sleepwalking through his role -- even when he demonstrated a temper.  

	Or the fact that on the Big-Three, they attempted to pull the
whole "Big Brother in Space" which didn't work out so well for them as
they were hoping a bigger pull than SyFryed attempt which we call
"Stargate Universe".  

	Not that I'm nitpicking about it or anything...  Wait, I am...
Which is probably why I stopped watching both.
I actually had more trouble with the fact that one of his eyebrows is 
permanently one inch higher than the other.  After an episode or two I 
could see past that to notice his acting or acting-like actions.
Sorry, that should have been "an episode or two I couldn't see past".
I know!!! Bothered me like crazy. Thought it gave him a permanently
constipated yet quizzical expression.

Still can't.
[email protected] says...

Yeah, they keep repeating the scripts every year.
They change the scripts, but I just can't get interested in them.  If I 
am in front of a TV I find myself surfing for a nature, history or 
documentary channel if there isn't any sci-fi or college football on.
From: [email protected] (A Watcher) if there isn't any sci-fi or
college football on.
We'll watch:

CSI: Miami
Better Off Ted
Law & Order
Castle kind of interests me but not enough to give up whatever else I
watch at that time.  I can proudly say I've never watched a single
episode of any of those shows, except for a Survivor maybe once a
season.  Isn't it about time for L & O to die?

From: [email protected] (Nancy2) Isn't it about time for L & O to
And "Sonny" should be back by March!!  :D
As usual I have more shows to watch than I can, but it's still odd to
me how there are some time periods when there's nothing I want to
watch. Like on Weds at 8PM there is nothing on in that schedule that I
want to watch. 

My overall list of shows to watch/record (mostly for summer viewing.)
CSI Miami
The Big Bang Theory
Better off Ted
Criminal Minds (I only catch the occasional ep now)
Human Target (I'll give this show a couple of episodes)
Flash Forward
Grey's Anatomy
30 Rock
The Mentalist
Ghost Whisperer
The Amazing Race

That's just the network shows as there are also great cable shows like
"Leverage" and "Burn Notice" that will be back. But my core shows that
I will make sure to watch live would probably be something like this:

The others are all either time fillers or shows that I'll watch when I
have the time/inclination. For example I'm just now getting around to
watching this summer's episodes of "True Blood" since there are fewer
new episodes of other shows on now. Then there's shows like Smallville
and Medium that I'm recording/storing out of habit since I haven't
actually watched them in a couple of years. I'll probably watch the
episodes eventually but I'm obviously not in a hurry. ;)
Me too. I'm always behind on something on a daily basis. (Well, maybe
not Saturday <g>.)

How about OLD CHRISTINE? It's not exactly good anymore, but I get
nostalgic for Elaine sometimes. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss can be funny.


It's Mark Valley, I gotta try it and see <g>. I miss KEEN EDDIE.

And WHITE COLLAR. And that USA show with Marshal Marshall.
'In Plain Sight'.
Turn your head and spit.
Right. I always forget and want to call it U.S. MARSHALS.

Just for saying "In Plain Sight" a show which has become so vile, even I 
won't watch it any more.
Because he loathes the characters in the show with a passion? <g>
How about OLD CHRISTINE? It's not exactly good anymore, but Julia
Louis-Dreyfuss can be funny.
Right now, Wednesdays at 7 (CST) (BBCAmerica) has Gordon Ramsey's
Kitchen Nightmares - new episodes - which I really enjoy because he
tries to turn around failing restaurants.  It isn't nearly as
offensive as his other series that's on Fox.

I take it you don't have any children.  Possibly not even a spouse.
so you decided to join in the conversation with this precious gem.
Interesting. As I said before many of the shows just go into storage
to watch at some later date. TV is my main source of entertainment and
often it's on while I'm doing other things since only a few shows
really reward you for watching the entire time ("Fringe" being one of
those.) Most of the others are almost as enjoyable just listening to
the show with only looking at the screen occasionally.
I've had the same experience. It works pretty well with many shows,
really surprised me the first time I tried it, but I found out the
hard way that there were a couple that I couldn't just listen to, but
had to watch the screen in order to know what was going on: THE
X-FILES, THE WEST WING. I ended up regularly watching episodes a
second time until I wised up! I think these days the only one I really
pay attention to is DEXTER and FRINGE, but the latter only because
it's a favorite and I don't want to miss a thing. Even LOST is quite
dialogue-heavy and I can get away with it if I occasionally glance at
the screen at the right moments. 24 is surprisingly easy, I even
fastforward through the action scenes if I'm pressed for time <g>.
If you do that, you'll miss everything involving Jin and Sun. At least, 
unless you a) can understand Korean and b) that's really their lines in 
Korean they're speaking and not gibberish.
When my kids were growing up I spent too much time watching TV and not 
enough playing with them.  I regret that now.
From: [email protected] (A Watcher) When my kids were growing up
I spent too much time watching TV and not enough playing with them.
I often feel that way now about our two yorkies.

Stephen Ross Roberts-Newport

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Why don't you just tell them to stop watching the TV and play with you 

Stephen Ross Roberts-Newport

Read about our family:

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From: [email protected] (Obveeus) 
Why don't you just tell your two yorkies to stop watching the TV and
play with you instead?
That goes on the previous list.
I'll send you a reminder E-mail!!  :)
Just listen for the horrible 'singing'
Bah! You like the theme song as much as I do!!
maybe even less
You don't have to be old, or of any age, to realize that 98% of what's
on is as dull as last week's dishwater, you just have to have the
brains and discriminating taste to see it.
The network execs all seem to be going after the mass audience.  That's 
their right, but it means that I don't watch their shows very much.

I would like to see somebody come up with a new way of funding and 
broadcasting TV shows so that niche shows can succeed. I liked TSCC and 
Defying Gravity and I think shows like that could be financially 
successful if post broadcast revenue was figured in and they kept the 
production costs down.  Those 2 shows could probably have been done at a 
lower cost without sacrificing too much.  The story is more important 
than impressive high def graphics.  I don't need to see a lot of 
explosions and destruction.
I think that NBC and DirecTV's collaboration on Friday Night Lights
works really well.  The series is shown first on DTV with no
commercials, and then in the winter the same series is on NBC (with
commercials).  I, of course, like watching it on DTV....