The Matrix makes no sense

TV Arts

"People are batteries for the machines."  Um.  Okay.  So yes it's true
that people generate heat and electromagnetic impulses from their
brains, but that's only because they eat food.

Where does the food come from?  There's no sunlight, so there's no
plants.  The planet is nothing but detritus (cast-off waste and dead
things).  So what are the machines feeding their people?

Worms?  Insects?  Fungi?

Why not use the worms/fungi as an energy source & just kill-off all the
people?  Then Earth would be a machine planet, and no need for an
energy-expensive Matrix program.

And you're off-topic for at least two of the newsgroups you've posted
to, meat puppet.

John Harkness
"Meat puppet" is the nicest thing most people have called Troy. Add him to
your killfile. *
Not to mention she's confused it with a documentary.

Which ones?  If it's the TV ones, the Matrix is airing on television
right now..... therefore on-topic.

It's not a TV programme, and it's off=topic for rec.arts.movies.current
films, because it's more than three years old. It properly belongs in

John Harkness
Movies made for the big screen are *still* not on-topic for tv
newsgroups when they're broadcast on TV.  The only times that
theatrical movies are on-topic for tv newsgroups are 1) when said
movie  has been made into a TV series -- MASH comes immediately comes
to mind, The Dead Zone is another, Stargate SG-1 yet another --  and
even then, really only in the context of comparing the movie to the TV
show and 2) when a theatrical movie has been made from the given TV
show (The X-Files, Star Trek.)

The Matrix fits neither of these definitions.  So stick with trying to
discuss it in the ram* hierarchy.

But if you need some help figuring it out, The Matrix is "Superman:
The Norton Antivirus of a Thousand Faces."

  -- Rob