The Mentalist on Access Hollywood (Or, Billy Bush Meets Simon Baker)

TV Arts

So I flip to NBC a few minutes too early for the start of My Name Is
Earl and Access Hollywood is on.  And I see the Mentalist talking
about the seats where the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and Taylor
Swift will be sitting at the Grammy Awards.  Apparently the brothers
Jonas dated Cyrus and/or Swift (or some combination thereof) so it
should be real dicey come Sunday.  Not that I plan on watching.  Music
should be listened to, not watched.  Except for music videos.  And
maybe not even then.

But then I think, wait, why would the Mentalist be on Access
Hollywood?  He's got a hit show, all those killer vests, and
presumably lots of money.  Then it hits me.  It isn't the Mentalist.
It's that guy who hosted Grease: You're the One That I Want on NBC a
few years back.  That was a good show.  I hear nobody liked the
winners, though, and the show tanked on Broadway.  Could be wrong,
though.  Don't follow theater.  Not my thing. Too many jazz hands.

In all seriousness, could these two be twins or what?  I don't often
find myself matching up famous faces but I really did think it was
Simon Baker on Access Hollywood.  I was wrong.

Think of the crossover potential.
Only if you're blond blind.