The National Symbol Of Atheism

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Tragically, there are still Legions of terminally-brainwashed      
Americans who proudly display the Antichrist Atheist American
flag. The American flag is the flag of Atheism, of Antichrist,        
of Lies, Cowardice and Murder. The Flag symbolizes *UGLINESS*!  
The American flag is the flag of the Whore of Babylon and the       
invincible Beast she rides. Therefore if you don't want to be  
held complicit with Antichrist in the afterlife, then dispose        
of your Atheist American flag in the nearest garbage dumpster.       
All Theists ought to do their part. Boycott the American flag.       
Don't fly it on June 14th, or on any other day of the year of 
our LORD. If you feel compelled to fly a flag, please fly the           
Theist Khi-Rho flag of the Christian Crusade against Atheists. 
Armageddon Cometh,       
Daniel Joseph Min

If you believe this, you have obviously noticed that the new logo for the US 
Republican Party has rotated the 5 pointed stars so that one point faces 
down, the classic mark of Satan.
Why are you people posting this to