The Office - Am I the only one who thinks it's dumb?

TV Arts

My wife and I watch it occasionally, but we think it has to be one of 
the dumbest shows on TV.  So many others seem to think it's the 
greatest thing since Spaghettios. Are we alone?????
I watched a couple of episodes of the original - haven't seen any of the 
foreign remake.  But I never saw what the fuss was about.  Was about
as painful as being stuck in an office for 30 minutes.  Perhaps if
I was a forensic crime-scene investigator I might find it enjoyable ...

Don't worry folks, the Dukes of Hazard is available at your local video
No need for that!  It's on cable!

But seriously, I think Sopranos is the best thing on TV.  With Six Feet
Under, Battlestar Galactica up there as well.  For the most part what
I watch is what the critics think is good TV ... with perhaps the exception
of my Amazin Race and Survivor weakness.  But the Office ...

I should try the foreign copy though ... they just couldn't do on US TV
what they did in the UK ... way too conservative.  So they must have done
something a bit different instead ...