The Office: Michael starting to look sane!

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Next to Andy, Michael is actually starting to look sane.

They really need to make Andy a little less odd. Even within the context of 
the general insanity of the other characters, Andy is just a little too way 
out there and is really really annoying.
I wish the show would just stick to making us laugh. Tugging at the heart 
strings once in a while is okay. But, lately, it seems like every episode 
the writers feel compelled to show us Michael or Dwight's softer side.
I wish they had never merged the offices. It's changed the show. I hope
Andy leaves. I don't mind a love triangle (Jim-Pam-new girl, not
Andy-Dwight-Michael), but Andy blows chunks. And dead bears. I want
more Dwighttime. He's brilliant.
You consider that tugging at your heartstrings? It did show other sides 
more normal sides of M & D but I wouldn't say it tugged at heartstrings.

 I LOLed at the scene where Dwight was staring down that elderly customer.

 Andy is over the top a bit. I suspect he will move on eventually. But still 
he has his moments. What I did dislike is making Dwight the great salesman. 
Previously it was alluded that Jim was the big money maker.

 I do like the Pam-Jim-New Girl triangle. Oh to be Jim in that threesome.... 
A guy can dream can't he?
It actually seemed like this episode was Andy's swan song. What more
can they do with Andy once Michael admits that he prefers sincere
sucking-up to insincere sucking-up?

And I think the new girl is probably gone, too. She seemed as
disappointed in Jim for the prank as much as for his continuing
feelings for Pam.
I don't think so, considering that when they were in the other office 
she was happy to prank Andy with Jim.  I think Karen just didn't like 
that Jim was doing it with Pam.
Karen was already perturbed with Jim, which is why she turned
down his offer to take part in the prank.  He asked her before
he asked Pam...

Karen would have demanded to know Jim's feelings, prank or no
Maybe I misunderstood, but at that point in the show everyone but Jim 
seemed to be hunkering down to work because they had to make up for not 
having Dwight.  I thought that was why Karen turned him down.
I wish that Dwight would get less air time.  I wish they would make us
laugh more, too!  mai
Dwight *is* the show.
...except for all of the explicit references to Dwight being Dunder
Mifflin's "top salesman," including the episode in which he won an
award for being the company's "top salesman of the year."
I was thinking of the S1 exchange when Michael has to layoff staff and 
Dwight is trying to get him to axe Jim but Michael says, 'Noooo, Jim brings 
in way too much money.'

 And in general it's hard to translate Dwight's insanity into a successful 

 Yes I know they've decided to 'make it so'. I just don't agree with it.
...which means that Jim is a good salesman.  It doesn't mean that he's
the best.

I disagree.  Messalina has explained why the two traits aren't
mutually exclusive.

While the series doesn't aspire to be entirely realistic, it's
important that there be some logical justification for Dwight's (and
Michael's) employment.  This is something that the writers of
"NewsRadio" set aside over time, and the show's quality suffered as a
result (long before Phil Hartman's murder).

Okay, but explicit references to Dwight as the company's "top
salesman" date back to March of last year.  You're acting as though
this is something new.
What I liked in last week's episode, when everyone was split off into
pairs to go out on sales runs, was that Jim and Dwight seemed to have
the Good Cop/Bad Cop thing down to a science, which really helped to
justify why they all put up with Dwight in the first place and why
most of the pranks that Pam and Jim play on Dwight are more mildly
naughty things done to a convenient target to pass the time in the
tedium of the Office itself than a concerted and/or cruel vendetta
against Dwight.

  -- Rob
In the context of that episode it was implied - though not explicitly 
stated by Michael - that while Jim was too valuable to layoff, Dwight wasn't 
in that Michael was all over the idea of Dwight quitting for a better job.
No, you're combining two separate contexts.  Michael was trying to
select the most expendable employee to let go, but he desperately
wanted to avoid laying off anyone (because he believed that he was
loved by everyone and couldn't stand the idea of someone disliking
I'm not combining them I'm just not dismissing one because the other. 
Michael didn't want Jim leaving because he made a lot of money but he would 
have been thrilled if Dwight left for another job. Granted it's unstated but 
the implied comparison is that Dwight is not such a great money maker. At 
least that is how I saw it.

 In my mind that still does not reconcile his willingness to see Dwight 
leave but not Jim when his stated reason is that Jim makes big money.

 It's not a huge thing. I'm not trying to demand some sort of rigorous 
consistency. More generally I just don't see the Dwight character being a 
top salesman. He might get by but I can't see the character's character 
being that successful as a salesman.

 But it is a nit. The show is still good.
I saw it as Michale loving both of them, and just trying to put off Dwight to
shut him up for a little while so he didn't have to make a decision. I didn't
put it as any huge indication that Jim is a great salesman.
"Not Jim, he brings in ALOT of money"  I took it at face value.

 More importantly I find it easier to believe Jim as a superior salesman 
compared to Dwight. I could see myself buying from J but not really trusting 
the more eccentric D.
Yes, you are.

No one's asking you to.

Michael would have been thrilled if ANYONE (including Jim) had left
for another job.

I disagree that any such implication was made.

Yes, and I believe that you misunderstood.

You can't reconcile the difference between trying to make the best of
a bad situation and sidestepping said situation entirely?


Neither am I, but I don't believe that this is an inconsistency.

I disagree.
I do.  Dwight is a dream come true to the genuinely sales resistant,
such as myself.  I don't want to schmooze, I don't want to be your
friend, I want the product that I want, when I want it.  Dwight, being
Captain Meticulous, will remember what I ordered last time, have it
ready when I want it, then go away.