The Practice on DVD?

TV Arts

Just read this announcment, my question is what version of the first
season will be on the first set?  The ABC first season (episodes 1-6)
or the real first season (1-13) which had most of the last 7 episodes
air in the MIDDLE of season 2?

  Also, on later seasons, will they include the crossover episodes with
other shows?  The Practice part of the Ally Mcbeal/Practice crossover
does not make much sense if you have not seen the Ally half, same with
the Boston Public and Gideon's Crossing crossovers.

  Does DEK own Ally and BP?  If he does I would see it as being dumb of
them to release Practice without these episodes, on the other hand,
Gideons Crossing will most likley be an issue.....
Assuming you read the announcement at, I'm sure that
information hasn't been announced yet.

THE PRACTICE, ALLY McBEAL, and BOSTON PUBLIC are owned by 20th Century-
Fox Television. Since the DVD rights to all of these series would
theoretically be owned by Fox Home Video, there's no reason why the
crossovers could not be included.

GIDEON'S CROSSING is owned by Touchstone (Disney), so Fox would have
to license it from them (assuming that Touchstone was willing) to
include it. They might not want to bother, just as they didn't make
arrangements with A&E to swap crossover episodes between PROFILER