The Smothers Brothers announce retirement

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Smothers Brothers Retire From the Comedy Grind
By PopEater Staff

For decades now they've looked like a couple of squares, with their
cardigan sweaters and those tidy haircuts, but it's their sneakily
subversive brand of comedy that made the two jokesters from New York
City household names. Now, The Smothers Brothers are hanging up their
touring shoes for good after more than 50-odd years on the road.

Tommy and Dick Smothers surprised a packed house at Las Vegas' Orleans
Showroom on Sunday with the news, telling fans "we're not doing
anything new" anymore.

Dick, 70, told the Las Vegas Sun he and his older brother have
canceled all future gigs. "I was wondering if it would be emotional,"
he said, "But that to me was just another day in the office."

Tommy, 73, seconded that non-emotion, telling the Press Democrat (in
Santa Rosa, Calif., where he lives) that "I expected to feel more
about it than I do."

A day after performing live for the last time, Tommy called himself "a
former entertainer," adding, "It's been a good run."

He remarked that it's become too hard for the brothers to keep their
material fresh, especially since Dick lives across the country in

But relevant they remained at their final gig, where the notorious
rabble-rousers took a few swipes at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party,
along with touching on the immigration issue.

'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' ran briefly, from 1967-1969, but
during that time it caused quite a stir with its satire targeting the
White House, racism and other social hot button issues. But it was
their opposition to the Vietnam War that got them in trouble with CBS,
which ultimately canceled the show after a series of conflicts between
the brothers and network brass.

During their last live performance over the weekend, the Brothers
addressed their struggle with censorship in the song, 'We're Still
Here.' Later, a montage video of some of their most legendary musical
guests was played. Among them, the literally explosive performance by
The Who that led to Pete Townshend's hearing loss. Watch:
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I like them, but people who see their act now say it's almost
word-for-word the same act they were doing twenty years ago.  Also,
they retired the act once before, in an HBO special about thirty years
I saw them on Broadway in the Cy Coleman musical I LOVE MY WIFE.