The Unit (11/23)

TV Arts

Hey "The Unit" was okay tonight but it paled in comparison to "24".

I liked the little ambush toward the end.  The grenades throwing up a
bunch of dust, high ground and fish in a barrel.

Also Bob saying they are engaged and if he does not return by the time
she is 18, she is free to marry someone else - lol nice twist.  

Um, didn't that Dutch girl sound rather Australian?

I found the tranq dart segment rather annoying.

The "contrived" index was higher than average in this episode.
This must have been the week for contrived plots. On Friday, Numbers 
train wreck/bots thing was completely stupid, and The Unit's horse, 
wedding, annoying Dutch woman thing was almost as bad. The Unit's one 
redeeming factor this week: no Molly!!
The whole point of the show is that these guys are incredibly good at 
what they do. 

That and the whole "I'm leaving with the horse" bit nicely resolved the 

More like Cockney, I thought. Wherever, presumably that was where she 
learned English. 

Indeed contrived, so they could live through it, but rather high-tech 
for a horse-drawn society.  A mickey in the drinks would have made more