Thinking about what happened to busty blonde American babes from the 80's?

TV Arts


Porn star look-a-likes (i.e. big hair, big knockers, lip gloss and
probably big bush) Lesley Eaterbrook who played Callaghan in Police
Academy, Cathy Podewell who played Callie Ewing in Dallas and Randi
Brooks who was Mrs Vunk from box office smash Hamburger; The Motion
Picture are three blonde birds I spent time furiously 'whacking off' to
way back. The birds in question seem to have completely
disappeared...., does anyone know what happened to them all?

Good luck!
For that matter, what about the girl from "We Got It Maid"?
Oh yes..., we got that in the UK. It was bollocks but the blonde bird
'Mickey' was hot.

Good luck!