This spring's season finales

TV Arts

I hope I'm able to find this spring's season finales, given all the odd 
things going on lately. I wonder if all of these shows are being...

Odd things just this last week:

1.  Fringe, after an inexplicable months-long disappearance in the
     middle of winter, reappears on CTV. It had been carried by the A
     channel. Why did it completely disappear (no reruns, no nothing) for
     weeks? That is not normal. Why did it jump networks? That is not
2.  The first ad break in Fringe was missing. (This seems to be a
     chronic problem with Fringe and some other shows, notably Dr. Who.)
3.  L&O:SVU. Normal time and channel, but where the hell was Olivia
4.  Instead of the various CTV channels having the same sequence of
     shows during their (time-shifted due to time zones) prime-times,
     some had the order Access Hollywood, American Idol, Fringe, SVU,
     Lloyd Robertson, News and others had the order eTalk, Access
     Hollywood, SVU, Idol, Fringe, Lloyd Robertson.

     11. If you went to take a leak when ads came on, you probably missed
     a minute of show, it came back that quickly.

6.  CSI:NY was a rerun. Isn't it normally new episodes during April,
     with the run-up to the season finales and rating sweeps?
7.  Lost was on at nine, but the previous episode wasn't reran at
     eight. Almost every week since the new season began, they've
     done at least one of: not rerun the previous episode before the
     new one; not rerun it on Saturday; or ran the new episode at an
     oddball time. Once it was even on at seven. SEVEN! People often
     don't even check what's on until after eight. The constant shuffling
     of Lost around prime time (and even BEFORE prime time) is surely an
     attempt to make it ScrewedByTheNetwork.
8.  Law and Order (original series) was missing.

9.  Clone Wars was missing.
10. During an airing of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi late at night, an
     ad break was clocked at over five whole minutes. Break durations
     were highly variable, with others being only the normal three
     minutes long.

11. Clone Wars (second chance to see) was missing. And since it was
     also missing on Friday, you had no chance to see it whatsoever this
12. Lost (repeat of Wednesday's ep) was missing.

Undisturbed this last week:
1. CSI (original series). On normally on Thursday, and in keeping with
    the time of year, a new ep.
2. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. At its normal time, and
    likewise the second-chance airing later in the week.

Not found at all:
1. L&O (original) (not counting syndication of old seasons, which can be
    found in various places; no current-season eps found, that is, eps
    with Lupo and Bernard).
2. Clone Wars.
3. Dr. Who. (MIA for months now. Again; this has happened before. In
    just the past year.)

1. Fringe.

Other network shenanigans:
1. Access Hollywood, American Idol, Fringe, Lloyd Robertson
    (inconsistent local times among different CTV affiliates
    on Tuesday).
2. eTalk, news (on Tuesday, present on some CTV affiliates but absent on
3. Fringe, SVU (actual airtime inconsistent with published,
    official schedule by in excess of 120 seconds).
4. Fringe (missing ad breaks; chronic pattern with Fringe and Dr. Who,
    notable for continuing even when Fringe moved from A-Channel, which
    is prone to abnormal ad break patterns in all shows).
5. SVU, Lost (abnormally short ad breaks; with Lost, part of
    chronic pattern on A-Channel).
6. SW:ROTJ (abnormally long ad breaks).
7. Lost, ROTJ (substantially variable-duration ad breaks; with Lost,
    part of chronic pattern on A-Channel).
8. Lost (no second or third chance airings this week).

Shenanigans only attributable to show's producer:
1. SVU: a main character MIA. Arguably, THE main character.

Shenanigans that might conceivably be due to either network or producer:
1. No new episode of CSI:NY.
2. No new episode of Clone Wars (absence of even a rerun is a network
    shenanigan however).
3. No new episode of L&O (original series) (absence of even a rerun is
    a network shenanigan however).
4. No new episode of Dr. Who (absence of even a rerun is a network
    shenanigan however).
Because it wasn't running on US TV, due to American Idol. Now it's back.

Try The Futon Critic for finding out when shows are going to be on. 
(Although this doesn't list for Canadian shows.) It's been listed for a 
month that Fringe would be off.
That would tell you it was going to disappear. It wouldn't tell you why, 
let alone actually prevent the networks from screwing around like they 
do these days.
1. CTV isn't US TV.
2. American Idol and Fringe were both on last Tuesday, and this fact was
    mentioned in my original post, so obviously the two are not mutually
    exclusive, contrary to your claim above.
3. Shows should be on at a predictable time throughout a season. In
    particular, at a fixed time on a fixed weekday, every week, during
    primetime, a primetime show should occur, with a new episode if
    possible and otherwise a rerun from the current season. This is the
    standard. It has been for donkey's years. Violations of that standard
    should not occur. The show should be on, reliably, at a predictable
    time, from September to December. There can be a change of time
    around Christmas. But it should again be stable from January through
    April. It can disappear during the summer months, May through August
    (and there should be no new episodes during the summer -- nobody will
    be expecting or looking for them then!)

It is troubling that many networks are increasingly violating this 
long-established standard with many shows -- besides Fringe, Lost, Law 
and Order, L&O:Criminal Intent, and Dr. Who have been particularly 
subjected to random reschedulings, long and unexplained hiatuses, and 
other shenanigans. Viewers end up giving up on a show as gone, or simply 
giving up in confusion trying to find the show or know whether it has 
new episodes.

A quick review of this newsgroup shows other complaints about similar 
issues from time to time by other people. People I talk to IRL also 
report being increasingly annoyed with television networks that move 
things around, shows mysteriously vanishing for months at a time without 
having been announced as canceled, then just as suddenly appearing 
again, and things like that.

Of course, shows you can't find get poor ratings. A lot of the times, 
they move a show around or it comes and goes randomly instead of coming 
in September and going in May like God intended it to do, and eventually 
the ratings tank and they cancel it, and people wonder why the ratings 

Of course, sometimes this is intentional; see
If you watch it you'll note that it is in fact mostly US TV at least
in the evening.
Nonsense. (Here's a clue for you: find out what the "C" in "CTV" stands 
for. Google is your friend.)
So how many shows is CTV producing?

"Flashpoint".  "Degrassi: THe Next Generation".  "Corner Gas" just 
finished its run.  Sometimes "Canadian Idol".  From the ads looking for 
contestants, I guess there'll be a "So You Think You can Dance Canada".
I don't know if "Robson Arms" is still in production.  There's always
"W5" but it doesn't even air in prime time anymore.  "Etalk" is still
around, but again it stays out of prime time.  There might be one or
two that I'm not thinking of now, but at best it's going to be 3 hours
of prime time per week.  That leaves 6 other days of prime time to

The programming isn't come from the UK or Australia or Japan.  It's
coming from the US.

In other words, virtually all of the programming in prime time (and
the rest of the day for that matter) on CTV comes from the US.

Once again, since CTV is not buying shows from the producers
but from the US networks, they have to follow what's dictated
by the US networks about when shows can air.

Producing is irrelevant. They may not be to blame for a lack of Fringe 
new episodes during that time, but they sure as hell ARE to blame for a 
lack of even reruns; that is, for Fringe being completely MIA, with no 
forwarding address.
Reruns?  How could they run reruns? They hadn't bought the show yet.
What are you talking about? I'm not suggesting that they should have run 
reruns before Fringe ever even existed, or before they got the rights to 
air its current season. I'm suggesting that they should have run reruns 
in between new episodes (in particular, AFTER some, so AFTER they got 
the rights), when they didn't have a new episode that week to show. That 
is, that they should have followed standard practise (at least, of days 
gone by; nothing seems to be all that standard anymore, for shame).
But they never ran the original episodes.
But nothing.

What we got:

Several episodes of Fringe.

Several weeks of nothing -- it dropped off the face of the earth.

Several episodes of Fringe.

What we should have, and could have, got:

Several episodes of Fringe.

Several weeks of reruns -- some of the same "several episodes of Fringe" 

Several (all-new) episodes of Fringe.

And we'd seen a few re-runs already, so it's not like there was some 
"Fringe doesn't have re-runs" rule, silly though such a thing would have 
But nothing.

What we got:

Several episodes of Fringe.
Several weeks of nothing -- it dropped off the face of the earth.
Several episodes of Fringe.

What we should have, and could have, got:

Several episodes of Fringe. (1)
Several weeks of reruns -- some of the same "several episodes of Fringe" 
from the line marked (1) above.
Several (all-new) episodes of Fringe.

And we'd seen a few re-runs already, so it's not like there was some 
"Fringe doesn't have re-runs" rule, silly though such a thing would have 
So what?
So, they fucked it up! Jeez, am I ever losing patience. Is there a name 
for people that argue incessantly and never actually have anything 
worthwhile to say, and are probably just seeking attention? Let me know, 
so I can address you properly in the future.
Here's a clue for you.  CTV's schedule for tonight

CSI: NY:  What does NY stand for?  
Criminal Minds:  What government agency do the protagonists work for?
American Idol:  What kind of Idol was that?
The show's setting, doofus.

and so forth in a similar vein. I suppose where shows' fictional events 
are set is somehow important to you in deciding what "nationality" you 
call it. But this notion of "nationality" has nothing to do with what's 
actually at issue here.

Let's cut through the noise here, shall we?

1: You claimed that CTV didn't do something because (according to you) 
NONE of the American networks were doing that something -- which would 
only work as an explanation if CTV were an American network. But is it?

Survey says...

BZZT! [X][ ][ ]

2: Your basic presupposition was that Fringe and American Idol are 
somehow inherently incompatible and can never both be shown on the same 
night. Now, check out a) last Tuesday and b) yesterday -- on BOTH of 
these Fringe and American Idol were BOTH shown, on the SAME CHANNEL, in 
CONSECUTIVE ONE-HOUR TIME SLOTS. Incompatible in the extreme?

Survey says...

BZZT! [X][X][ ]

Irrelevant, irrelevant, and already dealt with besides; see above.

Survey says...


Oh dear. One more contestant eliminated. Who will be the winner? Tune in 
next week.
Where is the show's setting?  

It has everything to do with it.  Those are not Canadian shows.  A
Canadian network has no control over when a new episode is available. 

Wrong.  I claimed that CTV didn't run a new episde because CTV had no
new episode to run.  

Wrong again.  You're doing really badly.
NY!  It's right there in the title!

Are you some sort of moran?
Yes. Yes, he is.

Nowhere relevant to the matter at issue, namely the failure of CTV to 
air Fringe reruns (if not new episodes) during a particular period of time.

It has nothing to do with it. Fringe could be set in Timbuktu, on the 
moon, or on the fucking Starship Enterprise and it shouldn't change 
CTV's ability or willingness to air reruns.

Pardon my French.

Irrelevant. CTV could have aired Fringe regardless of whether its 
producers produced any new episodes. They might have had to air reruns 
several weeks in a row, but they still could have aired Fringe. Why 
didn't they?

Here's a clue for you: Viewers don't like it when a show completely 
disappears with no explanation or forwarding address. Some of those 
viewers don't come back when (if) the show does.

No. I asked "Why did it completely disappear (no reruns, no nothing)" 
and the response was "Because it wasn't running on US TV, due to 
American Idol."

This implies two things: that "US TV" was completely prevented from 
running Fringe at all (even reruns), and that the channel I was watching 
it on was "US TV". That channel was a CTV channel. Ergo, you implied 
that CTV is an American network.

That, of course, is incorrect. CTV could have easily reran any of the 
episodes that they had shown previously, digging the tapes up from their 
basement and sticking them in the machine. Doing so would have reassured 
the viewers that Fringe had not gotten canned in the middle of the first 
season. The question is: why didn't they? Or rather, why DID they create 
a situation visually indistinguishable from what would have happened if 
it HAD been canned?

Note that the ability or lack thereof for CTV to get ahold of NEW 
episodes of Fringe, at that or any other time, is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT 
to what I am asking here.

No, you are wrong again. I asked "Why did it completely disappear (no 
reruns, no nothing)" and the response was "Because it wasn't running on 
US TV, due to American Idol."

The implication is that American Idol makes Fringe go away. But if that 
were true, either Fringe would not have aired on the seventh or last 
night, or else American Idol would not have aired on the seventh or last 
night, or only one of them on each night. Instead, BOTH aired on BOTH 
nights, on the SAME CHANNEL, BACK TO BACK. How do you explain this, if 
the appearance of American Idol somehow precludes showing Fringe the 
same night as was implied? On the other hand, if American Idol's 
presence does not preclude Fringe from being shown, then you will have 
to seek out a different explanation for Fringe's COMPLETE DISAPPEARANCE. 
(Not for it lacking new episodes. For its COMPLETE DISAPPEARANCE without 
so much as a rerun to indicate that it even still existed. New episodes 
of anything, these days, seem to be bestowed and withheld at random by 
the vagaries of a show's producers all through the winter, for even 
longer than the time since the networks stopped scheduling things 
predictably. Nobody even bothers trying to predict when there'll be new 
episodes for anything anymore, except during sweeps periods, and it's 
getting to be unreliable even then. Race to the bottom.)
Actually, the proper name of the show was "Excuse My French" and aired
way back in 1974.  Earl Pennington was one of the actors involved.  I
always assumed he was the father of Chris Pennington, who I went to school
with.  KInd of a Quebec variant of "All in the Family".

I'm not talking about a show. I'm using a common idiom for 
semi-apologizing for having felt the need to use strong language.

Now, with that said, fuck you you humorless asshole!
Why would they run reruns of a show they never ran in the first place.

Can't air what you don't ow

No, it wasn't.  I talked about American Idol in reference to Fringe
starting late.
[disappearance of Fringe]

What are you talking about?

Fringe was on TV. Then it disappeared for at least a month or two. Then 
it reappeared.

I am wondering why it COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. I'm not wondering why it 
didn't start earlier than it did. I'm wondering why, AFTER it HAD 
started, there was a period in mid-winter when it VANISHED WITHOUT A 
TRACE. At THAT time, there DID exist episodes that could be re-ran, but 
they didn't actually re-run any of them. Instead, they let it LOOK like 
it had been canceled.

Yes, it was.

The following is copied and pasted from the second post in this forum 

 > > I hope I'm able to find this spring's season finales, given all the
 > > odd things going on lately. I wonder if all of these shows are
 > > being...

 > > Tuesday
 > > 1.  Fringe, after an inexplicable months-long disappearance in the
 > >     middle of winter, reappears on CTV. It had been carried by the A
 > >     channel. Why did it completely disappear (no reruns, no nothing)

Because it wasn't running on US TV, due to American Idol. Now it's back.
On a different channel.
Irrelevant. So the reruns would have had to jump to another channel 
sometime during that period. (Still somewhat evil, mitigated if there 
were prominent announcements made about the upcoming change during 
breaks in episodes of the show.)
No it isn't.
Yes it is.
North Yellowknife?


Now, David, you're just being jingoistic! Everyone knows that the U.S.
isn't the only country in the Americas, so "American Idol" could
easily apply to a show in Canada. Or Mexico. Or Bolivia. Or ...

Quit trying to pretend that all those shows are from U.S. networks
and CTV has no control over when new episodes are available. That 
would be silly. :-)


All your TV shows are belong to us...
Grade for reading comprehension: F.

If the student had read the original text carefully, s/he would have 
noted that the matter at issue was the COMPLETE DISAPPEARANCE of a show 
from television, rather than the appearance of reruns rather than new 

Grade for grammar: F.

Looks like you'll be repeating the third grade come September, Patty.

Better luck next year. If your parents don't kill you for bringing home 
a report card full of Fs this spring, that is.
Wow, I hate to agree with him Patty, but your grammar really does sound a 
bit off.  For starters, I suggest you take off every zig.
And just leave the zags?

Typically, posting just to increase your post-count is a violation of 
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No, if she was really just posting to increase her post count, it would be
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Not tv related.
It's not?

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We can even reference TV here.  There's the episode of "Seinfeld"
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Downloadable pie is just as convenient as that tiny refrigerator.

The irony here is that Peppermint Patty has whined repeatedly that "off 
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Not to mention, of course, that the whole thread is a reference
to "Pushing Daisies."

How many season finales is "Pushing Daisies" having, then?

Somewhere in the distance I hear a cuckoo clock.
Speaking of which, how many more do I need before I can get mine
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LOL. Yup. Archie is just a sock puppet of the same troll from before. I 
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This too will be reported to the administrator. Surely such rudeness 
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What administrator???? This is an unmoderated newsgroup.

What rules are you referring to???

I am the administrator.  I have the rules right here by my desk.

However, none of them have been broken.
Umm, could you people kindly TRIM YOUR QUOTES?? Thank you. Now back
to our regularly scheduled posting....

Super! We'll send all the trolls your way from now on.

Not tv show related.
It's just his usual routine.  I don't understand why people get
twisted pleasure from playing the part of an ignoramus.
Well, this *is* Usenet. :-)
Oh, it's you under a new nym. Well, I'll put this one into the ol'
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I'm not depressed. I'm rightfully indignant!!
You just *had* to inform him that he was being killfiled?  :)
Yes, it was a Public Service Announcement on Brian's part. ;-)

Public Service Announcements are never grumpy, so I guess he is now safe 
from that charge as well.
It was really more of a message to my compatriots to inform them that I
realized my error and was taking steps not to further feed the troll.

Oh, good. Now we won't have to give you an intervention.

How outrageous. I am a human being! I'm going to be reporting this forum 
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It failed.
Yes! The masses are finally catching on!!
Careful...he'll be accusing you of making a death threat!!!



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