Thursday Night Premieres

TV Arts

The Big Bang Theory -- didn't really take to a nerdy Blossom. Sarah
Gilbert was so much better.

$hat My Dad Says -- I dreaded this, and was pleasantly surprised. It's
heavy on the insult humor where the actual Twitter account was based
on awe at the father's earnest assessments of today's culture.
However, the show seemed therapeutic, and I guess I'm a sucker for
very special episodes. It'd be great if David's assessment of the son
upstaging Shat is accurate.

The Office -- I really hope the nephew is one-offed. Last thing it
needs is a Cousin Oliver.

Outsourced -- Again, pleasantly surprised. It seems to me that NBC
demoted itself to B-team comedy, but this is a bold gamble on a
talented South Asian cast. Looks like the manager is gonna do a lot of
Will Schustering with a Benedict Figgins second-in-command. Hopefully,
the jokes won't belong to a lower caste.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -- They premiered last week. They're
looking to have another solid dozen, but that's where I feel it's
unfair to compare cable to network. The long haul is so much tougher.
It's not fair.

The League -- Last week, I saw the glimpse of the V.I.P. room scene,
decided to try to watch, saw the N for nudity, but then I didn't

DVR'd The Mentalist, looking forward to Bones. But 30 Rock? Hulu. They
got their love from The Emmys, they don't need it from me. Not until
The Shat really sucks it up.

CBS made a very aggressive move on the Thursday 8pm slot. Looks like
it works against NBC, whose initials are fast becoming Nothing Beyond
I caught "It's Always Sunny" and despite the reputable actors, I found
it lacking.   But I only watched the pilot and that was it.

I hated The Mentalist big time, but I now like it.

30 Rock is a full time winner.   They paid her $4 million for a
development deal and I downloaded the "For Your Eyes Only" pilot.   It
wasn't bad, but they changed it well.   Tina Fey's $4 million check
has proved to be a good investment.   I don't think that Tracy Morgan
is funny.   Do you?

"Shit my Dad Says" has Shatner in it.    He's a talented guy.   Being
Canadian, he's a name we know and love.

I'm pleased that you like it.  I look forward to seeing it.
Tracy Morgan seems funniest when he's not Tracy Morgan, or maybe it's
when he's really Tracy Morgan instead of a cariacture. I wish they'd
give him smarter things to do, but someone's saying the dumb schtick
sells. I say they forgot the M.
I can only take him in small doses, but he can make me laugh out
loud.  Did you ever hear Kathy Griffin talk about sitting next to him
at the Emmys one year?  Some of the stuff he said to her was
hilarious.  And I do love his "30 Rock" scenes with Kenneth.

There's a guy on a commercial for contact lenses that yells "Somebody
find that doctor's number!" and his delivery is exactly like
If you only watched the pilot, you never saw Danny DeVito.

The best episode is Season 4's "The Nightman Cometh". The musical
episode is a meme that became a live performance to promote the next
season's premiere.
He's from Iowa. He only works in Canada.

I turned it off almost immediately after Shatner made the second crack
about shooting his son in the balls.
Where did you get that idea???  He plays Captain Kirk and was in Iowa
once for the Riverside, Iowa, Star Trek "convention" - that's it.

From  "Handsome Canadian-born actor who - despite his
detractors - has notched up an impressive 50-years-plus in front of
the camera, most recently displaying comedic talent, and being
instantly recognizable to several generations of cult TV fans as the
square-jawed Capt. James T. Kirk, commander of the starship USS

We claim Ron Livingston, Ashton Kutcher and that kid who played
Superman, along with Cloris Leachman, Johnny Carson and Donna Reed.

He was joking...

Johnny Carson's from Nebraska.
In article 

Oh, dear, I smell a "Star Trek 4 - The Whale One" smackdown coming, 
complete with quotes from Tucker's Ghost.
From  "Handsome Canadian-born actor who - despite his

Ashton Kutcher and Brandon Routh are Canadian?

This means war.
Nancy, it's a joke. It's a rephrasing of one of the funniest
(of many funny) lines in "Star Trek IV."

Dr. Gillian Taylor: Don't tell me, you're from outer space.
Kirk: No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space.
The only misfire there was that he didn't do it; probably too small a