Tuesday Night Book Club Gone! - Yeayyy!!!

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This is good news - anything the mows down the really, really bad summer 
reality shows ups the odds that we might actually get some original 
scripted shows next Summer... 

Ian  (And, so far, Les Moonves is the biggest holdout on that front, so 
let's hope CBS's nose get bloodied this summer with its non-BB/Rock Star 
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[email protected], Casey
McDonald's Guidance Counsellor, Ian J. Ball at

Tuesday Night Book Club is NOT a reality show.  Really really bad, yes.
Reality, no.

Scripted summer shows like Tuesday Night Book Club?

I almost understand why 5 million people tuned in week one* but why the hell
did 4 million people tune in week 2!?!?!?

*actually I don't; we only watched it 'cause it was in Scottsdale.
Whatever it is, the AP reports word direct from CBS that the series has
been pulled.

The slot will be taken on a regular basis this summer by "48 Hours
Mystery" reruns. No decision is yet announced on whether Book Club's
remaining episodes will ever be aired.


Everett W.
Come on - you and I both know that TNBC will never be seen (or heard) 
from again.  ;)
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[email protected], Casey
McDonald's Guidance Counsellor, Ian J. Ball at

Who knows -- Fox Reality might run it, except it wasn't a reality show.
"Casey McDonald's Guidance Counsellor, Ian J. Ball" 

Oh, for a second there, I thought you meant T-NBC :D
That's already happened...  ;)
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You know, other that a puff piece BEFORE the show began (and stuff about
it's viewership), I've yet to see ANY press about the people in it locally.
Considering as we're bombarded with articles about anybody local that
appears on Survivor, and phony articles about the mentally ill woman who
claims she's a psychic detective for the police (who deny it right back),
you'd think if there were actually these, what, dozen people starring in
this locally shot show, they'd be doing INTERVIEWS.  I smell a rat.
I think you're onto something.

It never struck me as a "reality" show -- the participants (or shall
we call them actors now?) seemed far too unselfconscious, considering
all the stuff that was going down.  In particular, the woman with the
big curly hair did too many actor-y things.