Two great ideas for TV shows

TV Arts

These are a couple of ideas for TV shows that I have come up with. I believe 
they could be blockbusters:

1. A hero who's into vigilantee-ism -- bringing justice where the criminal 
system has failed. He's not a superhero, but he's like batman in the sense 
that he's wealthy, savvy, and very knowledgeable about law enforcement --  
maybe a former outstanding cop who got fed up with too much system injustice 
toward the victims. But he's not a superhereo - he's a normal guy, and the 
whole show is "reality" based. It's a controversial subject and the 
sensation the show creates would help the ratings. Plots could be presented 
where you would completely understand the vigilante and would be sympathetic 
to what he's doing. (E.g., man rapes woman, cuts off her arms, then is 
released after 8 years, moves to Fla., buys a house. Vigilante finds him and 
brings him down just as he's about to rape and hurt another woman.)

2. A science fiction show that's sort of like the old "Lost In Space" but 
more geared for adults and has better writing. The same idea and quality as 
Star Trek but instead of travelling the universe, they're stranded on 
another planet. A planet with lots of lush beautiful vegetation and 
mountains and beautiful vistas. But they have no idea what's out there and 
they run into all sorts of interesting creatues and adventures each week. 
Maybe it could be part of the Star Trek family and could be called "Star 
Trek -- Stranded". I don't recall any TV series except Lost In Space that 
has done this sort of thing (except "Lost" does it on planet earth) and I 
think it could be dynamite. ("Lost In Space" was a great idea that was 
I can see the pitch meeting:

"It's 'Lost' in space."
"It's a remake of 'Lost in Space'?"
"No, it's not 'Lost in Space'.  It's much better than that.  It's
'Lost' in space."
cloud's Earth 2.