US Arab Mindset Personified

TV Arts

"Americans live in a democratic system, and that is why they are held
responsible for their policies.
The American people take part in all their government's crimes."

born in New Mexico, USA
and now lives in exile in Yemen.
[something having nothing to do with television.]

Do you have any intention of posting on-topic in this group.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Bye-bye...
Like others before it, this same post was made in at least one other
group that I frequent, and s/he won't even attempt to justify what I
consider to be trolling. (Multiposting is an even worse offense than
sloppy crossposting, IMO.) And if that's not enough, s/he rarely follows
up on his/her own new threads, which only makes the pattern even more
annoying. Since I addressed this in the other group already, this is a
good opportunity to address it here on r.a.t. In short, my advice is to
ignore and/or KF both "family" and "curmudgeon," which are the same
Not TV related.