Wanna buy the estate where Michael Jackson diddled all those little boys? Never

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Neverland Is Gone!
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No more chances for Wacko!

Neverland is in foreclosure. It's actually past that point now,

It's up for auction!

That's right, Michael Jackson's famed Neverland ranch will be sold on
March 19th.

And U can get in on the action!

There is a slight possibility M.J. can keep his massive manse. But, in
order to do that, he needs to come up with $24,525,906.61 by the
auction date. He ain't got that kinda money, honey.

When Neverland is auctioned, it will include everything: all personal
property inside, all fixtures and appliances, furniture, and "all
merry go round type devices," any rides, games.

Shamon! It's gone!


* Fox News story:
Once Upon A Time,
I hope whoever buys it allows camera crews inside to document the
interiors, so we can see all the hidden rooms and secret passageways
between Michael's bedroom and the little boy's sleepover rooms.  Not to
mention the "John Merrick Memorial Trophy Room" which contains the
hyperbaric chamber that turned Jackson white, and the underground
laboratory where his sperm cells were extracted so they could be used to
impregnate his "wife" without involving sexual intercourse, eww, yuck, with
a girrrrl???

Captain Infinity
That's my thought's exactly. Since the items inside will be sold (I
bet Michael's reeeeeally sweatin' that he got out *all* his PERSONAL
personal belongings from the bowels deep in his house first!), they'll
be taken out and sold up on a stage one by one, so it would be
impossible to have a crew film the house as it stands right now. But
even an empty house before any renovations would be an interesting
tape to view.

If someone wanted to have a child molester's version of Graceland, buy
all the items in the house leave them there and charge admission.