What Did You Watch? 2009-11-26 (Thursday)

TV Arts

I watched:  

Saving Grace:  I have no idea who this Neally person is that Grace
wants to find or why.  Grace kisses a girl Katy Perry style but then
it gets kind of rough trade.  

Ancient Discoveries:  Chinese shipbuilding.  They made some huge ships
back in the old days.  

MI-5/Spooks:  Starts with them stopping a CIA rendition operation but
more's going on than they initially realize.  I sense a bit of
resentment toward the middle east war.  

Primeval:  Helen's back for the first time since she shot her husband.
SHe's still intent on retroactively wiping out humanity to keep
humanity from wiping out itself.  Looks like they invented some
awesome technology in the future years before the extinction of
humanity.  It gives Helen a big advantage.  But the guys decide to do
things differently.  Instead of waiting around for her to pop again,
they're going to try to chase her.  

Eureka:  The laws of thermodynamics are more like suggestions on this
show as demonstrated by the fungi that cover everything in ice.
Maxwell's demon just sighs in frustration.

What did you watch?
some football and some House marathon on USA