What Did You Watch? 2009-11-29 (Sunday)

TV Arts

While realising that a cup of dry rice is actually quite a lot of food
I watched:  


The one where Albert gets out of prison.  I think this was the best of
all the Hustle episodes I've seen.  They cheated with the warden of
course.  No way to guess what was going on there.  But still, twisty
turny con artist plots at their best.  A really excellent show.

I Dream of Murder

Jolene Blalock plays a screwed-up shrink whose patient gets strangled.
Watched half an hour of it.  Decided I didn't care.  


A rerun, but since I wasn't watching Smallville earlier in the year I
hadn't seen it.  Man these Kryptonians really take the prize for
ineffective use of superpowers.  My memory's getting a little foggy.
Didn't Clark decide to destroy the time-travel ring?  Whatever
happened with that?  

What did you watch?
One more:

Surviving Mumbai

Eyewitness accounts from survivors of the big terrorist attack in
Mumbai.  I can't believe the idiot politician who gave an interview
over the phone and was asked where exactly he and hundreds of other
hotel guests were hiding.  I can't believe he was asked that question
and I can't believe he answered it.  Such phenomenally bad judgement.
It may be the NyQuil, but asking how he managed to elude the moslem
terrorists sounds very appropriate.
Hotel staff alerted to the news reports realized that the hiding place
had been exposed and started to move the crowd out.  The terrorists
opened fire on the crowd as they were leaving but most of them got out
alive.  (Monitored cell phone calls from Pakistan indicate that the
terrorist's bosses did tell them about the news report.)
So I take it you meant those hostages haven't been hiding there since the 
terrorist attack occurred?
?  The terrorist attacks lasted for three days.  Plenty of time for
lots of stuff to occur.
And they've been hiding in that hotel for over a year now since?
No, why would you think that?
Curious. What happened at the end? Did he luck out? or did his luck
run out?
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He did say "eyewitness accounts from the survivors" which suggests
they have been interviewed after the event, which means they survived.

That's not to say that they escaped injury, or if they were playing
the recordings, that the person survived.
True, but a phone call could have been played back from someone who
didn't survive, or someone who was injured during the attack.
He was not one of the ones interviewed.
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES-- who will die next week?
He-Who-Is-Unable-To-Properly-Format-A-Followup brayed:

They're STILL doing that?