What Did You Watch? 2010-01-24 (Sunday)

TV Arts

I watched:

Something about a magic tornado creating weather system over New York
city. Didn't watch it from the start but obvious there was a scientist
who ran around warning people about approaching catastrophe and mayor
who was slow to believe her.  Ain't that always the way?  

The Wizards of Waverly Place

I've never watched a full episode of this series, and that record
remains unbroken.  But I did watch enough to notice that the smarter
brother now has a vampire girlfriend, and, perhaps coincidentally, his
intelligence and ethics have plummeted.  

Each To His Own (film)

Olivia De Haviland plays an unwed mother who becomes a business
success as she yearns for her lost son.  The lead actress makes
melodrama work.  


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Man.  Had some naff American accents in this episode.  

What did you watch?
LOL at the ROT13 - it's been a while...

Oh I am several seasons behind - must catch up.

Well as Fox saw fit to BONE us out of cartoons on Sunday evening.  I
caught up on Better Off Ted episodes S2-4 to S2-10,  30 Rock with the
baaaad Bawstun accent but otherwise most excellent, Chocolate News
(damn fine job DAG)  and a spot of The Questor Tapes.  oh yeah some

You have to admit the New Orleans/Minnesota game was pretty exciting - if 
you like football.