What Did You Watch? 2010-01-29 (Friday)

TV Arts

I watched

Midsomer Murders

I stayed up late last night and watched this one.  Someone dies of
natural causes!  Naturally the police find this hard to believe.  MM
is unusual for a mystery series in that the characters are fully aware
of their inflated murder rate.  Of course the not-murder precipitates
actual murders so...

Vampire Diaries

Alaric is still walking awesome.  Also not a vampire.  In fact he uses
vervain.  Obviously this is a town where it's difficult to find
romance.  Everyone you meet will turn out to be a vampire.  Or
whatever Alaric is.  


Dushku does a pretty good job portraying Echo's tevrs ng Onyyneq'f
qrngu.  Topher's qrfprag gb vafnavgl was pretty touching as well.  The
Enemy of Love does let one get past him, though.  I have a question
though.  Are we to conclude that absolutely everyone's complete
memories were still intact in their brains after all, merely
suppressed?  Is their active architecture gone?  


Serial killings of men who have been using prostitutes cause the Feebs
to swing into action.  The geek spotlight is stolen by some biology
guy who gives a perpetrator physical description based on nothing but
a genetic sample.  Surprised to see no apparent ill effects from one
character leaving the hospital against physicians advice.  

White Collar

Several references are made to an episode I seem to have missed in
which the con-man got put in jail by the bad agent.  It looks like
Kate isn't as unfeeling as the Feeb thought.  Maybe.  Aw who am I
kidding?  I don't think for a moment that she doesn't care about him. 

Sanctuary engages in some stunt cast as one of Amanda Tapping's
Stargate co-stars has a guest shot.  He won't be doing that again.
Frankly I find it a little off-putting when they take two people who
were on a show previous to the current one and reunite them as
different characters.  In any case, the Sanctuary team have to throw
down with an Abnormal mob boss.  
What did you watch?
I was impressed with the Ron Glass cameo.