What Did You Watch? 2010-02-03

TV Arts

As I worried about the Alarming Lump I watched:

CSI New Orc

Y'know, it's a good thing that I tend to miss the first five to ten
minutes when I watch this live.  That way I don't have to hear that
lame pseudo-witticism over the corpse.  While nobody does it as
irritatingly as Horatio, it still puts me in a bad mood going into the
show when I hear it.  

Rosemary and Thyme

The two gardeners are used as part of a scheme to obscure the true
time of death, taking advantage of the fact that they never met the
victim in life, and therefore could be fooled if someone else claimed
to be him and then jumped into the river in front of them.  It's a
rather clever scheme only flawed by the fact that the real body is way
too far down stream when found.  

Waking the Dead

Dead neo-nazi shows up mummified in the air conditioning duct of a car
park.  One difference I notice between British and American
programming is that British shows, when they depict politics, tend to
portray them as far more apocalyptic than they really are, with the
country teetering on the edge of catastrophe.  The Americans on the
other hand tend to be more conspiratorial, with the nation in good
shape, but profoundly corrupt behind the scenes.  

Republic of Doyle

Doyle and his father work what seems to be a simple domestic case and
find out the subject's real secret is uvf qrnyvatf jvgu naq snyyvat
bhg jvgu gur ehzehaaref bs Fg Cvreer naq Zvdhryba.  Now that's a
plotline that makes the most of the Newfoundland setting for the
series.  Meanwhile the female constable gets pissy when she decides
that Doyle's staring at her breasts is insincere and he's really after
her information.  And Doyle harasses his ex-wife and her new
boyfriend.  That's an unpleasant element of Doyle's personality.
Still, maybe he's got past it by the end of the show.  

What did you watch?
Yeah, but what you did miss was some really nice cinematography of the
girl photographer strolling through the snowy landscape of Central
Park, not at all a look I expected to see from the show or from maybe
any other show.  It was well worth sitting through for its fairy tale-
like quality.  Once that was done, I was also done with it at that
point.  See, that's the difference between you and me: I catch the
surprise 5 minutes of good stuff and then leave while I'm ahead while
you forego that in favor of plowing through 55 minutes of all the
predictable boring stuff.