What Did You Watch? 2010-04-11

TV Arts

No, I didn't watch television yesterday.  But today I made up for that
by watching:


Checkmate has weird recruitment policies and methods.  Also, having
the Castle actually be a castle isn't very discreet.  Apart from that,
the thing about Smallville from the start, the thing that made it
work, was that it took the ideas of superhero comic books, and played
them like horror.  They drifted from that a bit over the years, but
this episode cut closer to the original style.  Jones is a scarey
guy.  My uncle kept asking whether he was the bad guy.


The twist at the end may have been a little arbitrary, but it did save
them from, "OK, so the mole they are suddenly looking for just turns
out to be the character we've never seen before."

Rotten Tomatoes:

I was startled to learn there was a Rotten Tomatoes tv show.  However
the one I watched had no reviews, just being a compilation of the
sketches they've done since 2009,  They seemed to rely heavily on
showing examples of how movies misrepresent reality.


And Goren is history.  Bye bye Goren.  I think we can manage without
you.  A pity that Eames goes too, though.  She was always cool.

What did you watch?
A UK movie release called 'St. Trinian's' (a modernization of the old 
movies).  Hey, this was a movie featuring a bunch of hot girls in school 
girl uniforms, so what more could you want, right Wickeddoll?  Actually, 
this movie had some starpower (Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Blake Lively, 
and Lena Headey) and all the look/feel of one of those classic cult teen 
hits (like The Breakfast Club), but it just never came together in a 
credible way.  I'm amazed that they have apparently made a sequel.  I will 
say, that the movie looked to reveal Gemma Arterton as a breakout star (and 
she now has a leading role in this Summer's Clash of the Titans and Price of 
Sonny - not too bad and I guess it sets Sonny up to sing on the show anytime 
she wants.

Good Luck Charlie - Teddy volunteers the siblings to babysit Charlie so the 
'rents can go out. She gets PJ to take Charlie to the park where PJ meets a 
smoking hot girl (Gilland Jones also as Jenny Majorheely from Wizards) with 
a baby brother in a like stroller. So you already know what happens, PJ 
takes the wrong stroller home. They go back to the park to find the girl and 
Charlie -- and strike out. Meanwhile the girl with Charlie is at the same 
Mexican restaurant as the 'rents. The kids go to tell the 'rents about 
losing Charlie and spot the hot girl with Charlie. They elaborately (I use 
the term loosely) switch the babies.

The Masters - The Philster wins one for Amy and The Tiger loses. This did 
Tiger no favors as he was televised cussing on live TV and gave a poor 
loser's interview at the end. Lots of anger inside The Tiger. I guess it is 
to be expected with all that's occurred.
That would be VERY bad!
I'm sure Ian will retaliate for that!
I'll put her album on my X-Mas list for you.

Ian  (But, seriously - considering how *bad* the rest of Disney's
stars are at "singing", I'm amazed anybody would go out of their way
to slam Lovato, the only one who actually *can* sing...)
Yeh she was the best part. Britcoms aren't always my cup of tea.
Sure you don't have your American starlets mixed up? - I see Mischa 
Barton in the cast list, but no Blake Lively. 

Anyway, yesterday, I watched: 

The Soup (recorded) - A pretty mediocre episode, I thought, actually. 

Legend of the Seeker (recorded) - Basically, an episode that was really 
just an excuse to stick Kahlan and Cara in a tomb together. I like how 
they bonded as friends, and then immediately beat the crap out of each 
other!! Meanwhile, Zedd gets turned into The Mummy!! 
   Next week, it looks like all Hell breaks lose! as John Rhys-Davies 
guest stars as Richard real father, Panis Rahl! And Zedd wants him dead, 
dead, dead in revenge for killing *his* father!! 

The Masters - This was great: Phil Mickelson surges into the lead, and 
then holds on to win, as various others, esp. Brit Lee Westwood and a 
pair of Koreans attempt to challenge him. Meanwhile, not surprisingly, 
Tiger's head was not fully in the game. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot... 

90210 (recorded) - I love how their most important storyline in this 
episode was Annie/Jasper, and yet it got, like, *third* story treatment. 
Instead, we were subjected to more idiocy with Dixon and Ivy (who, 
incidentally, is the only character besides Annie that I give two s***s 
about), and Naomi, and Adrianna. 
   I'm still hoping that they bounce Shenaa Grimes at season's end, so I 
will have no reason to watch this any more. Even if they don't, I'm done 
with this at the end of the current season - the show is as boring as 

Top Gun - Yeah, I watched this, on AMC I think. I have to say - Kelly 
McGillis is an underrated actress, as she makes for a very convincing 
heterosexual; Tom Cruise? Not so much! And, is it my imagination, or is 
this movie totally homoerotic?! P.S. Kenny Loggins is an 
under-appreciated musical *genius*!!!

Are you kidding? A LOT has been written about that.
BL is busy ruining Green Lantern.

We picked up a couple new channels on COX.  Channel 700 is the 3D 
Channel (!) and are running The Masters in 3D (!!) with an URL on screen 
as to what equipment you need to get to watch it.  The thing is -- it's 
gone now.  Can't tune it in, and it doesn't appear in the guide any 
more.  Very, very odd.  Why wouldn't you leave the channel accessible 
with the information?

Google says:

"To access the Masters in 3D, you will need a new 3DTV, Cox Advanced TV, 
and a Cox HD or HD/DVR receiver with HD service. The receiver must be 
connected to the 3DTV via HDMI cable. You will then need to tune to a 
specified channel location (determined in your local market) and change 
the setting on your 3DTV to 3D format. Your TV manufacturers specified 
3D glasses will also be required to view the coverage in 3D."

I'd be pissed of if I'd done all that and the channel was only there one 

We also picked up EPIX-HD with a really eclectic mix of old and new 
movies and concerts.


Opening salvo was BATTLE FOR TERRA, which wasn't even good enough for 
saturday morning tv
That special channel of Masters coverage was only there for the 
weekend, but as has been mentioned here on r.a.tv, a number of 
fulltime 3D channels are set to debut soon. 

Ah, ok...I knew that it was one of those recent CW chicks playing the former 
'head girl'.

Aren't all military movies?

Back in the good old days when music added something to the movies.