What Did You Watch? 2010-06-08 (Tuesday)

TV Arts

I watched

Raising the Bar:

And remember, these may be reruns to you, but in Canada they are new.
Case number one is a drug beef.  Idealist Guy makes the mistake of
telling Sleazy Blonde Prosecutor about a weakness in her case in hopes
of finagling a deal.  SBP just tells the arresting officer so he can
commit perjury to shore up their case.  And she sleeps with him to
underline her lack ofethics.  Meanwhile Clean Cut Guy gets the case of
two guys who tried to pull a Weekend at Bernies with their deceased
room-mate to get his share of the rent.  They're guilty but so cuddly
the judge makes the prosecution let them go.  The defense batting
average on the new season seems tobbe higher than it was in the first


A Journey medley?  really?  They diserved to lose.  

What did  you watch?
Pretty Little Liars:  the series premiere on ABC Family.  This show is 
filled with eye candy.  It is also filmed as if it were an edition of The 
Red Shoe Diaries.  There was clearly some disagreement about how much time 
was going to pass between the opening and the rest of the episode:  they 
decided on one year away, making it completely illogical that the girl that 
was out of town had trouble recognizing her best friends.  This should work 
well as another ABC 'Family' show without morals as most of the cast of 
'minors' was stealing, drinking, doing drugs, fooling around 
inappropriately, etc.  The most annoying part of the show was the extremely 
overbearing soundtrack constantly interrupting the plot in order to stretch 
a half hour of stuff into an hour long show.

Glee:  season #1 finale.  This was a great episode and by far the best 
season finale that aired this year (yes, even a tad better than previous 
title holder Spartacus).  The episode was filled with good music that was 
used very well to compliment the story.  Olivia Newton John should be 
complemented for playing out this character of herself (done much better 
this time than in her last appearance, which now looks like it was simply 
done to set up this episode) without fear that people will believe it.  My 
only nit pick was in the horrid choice for the baby's final destination.

Justified:  season #1 finale.  This was an excellent episode that acted much 
like it was written in anticipation of being a series finale.  Like 
Spartacus, plenty of blood was shed as their tiny world was upturned and 
sent asunder.  This should leave the next season wide open.  good thing the 
whole back country is full of a never ending supply of criminals.

iCarly:  the iPsycho episode.  this was the usual stuff, though I will give 
them credit for a rather well done, extended fight sequence between the 
psycho and the savior.  Also, they managed to get through the held hostage 
portion of the episode without bathroom humor - quite remarkable in this day 
and age.
GLEE: Minimal talents Newton-John and Grobin spoofed themselves. The
results made no sense given what we saw in the voting. A single woman
can adopt a baby directly from a hospital days after it's born? Does
this mean all of next season will be about preparing for another
regional competition? Real Glee Clubs spend most of their time
rehearsing for seasonal, holiday, and assembly concerts/ programs
performed at their own school. This Club is nothing more than a Team.
The second place team did a medley of hits from two of the four judges.  It 
wasn't a stretch to think that that might influence voting slightly, 
especially given the portrayal of ONJ's characature..  Meanwhile, the first 
place team put on a better performance than the third place team, at least 
from what we saw of their Bohemian Rhapsody number.

It looked like a private adoption to me.  She got a direct 'gift' from the 
parents...the hospital was just filling in the paperwork (babies name) for 
the birth certificate.  If a mother/father decide to do a 'private adoption' 
directly to another person/couple, I don't think that the 
state/hospital/etc... does much of anything more.  It is like buying a new 

It makes perfect sense that each year of the show would roughly correspond 
to a year at the school...with the finale being the big event in these kids' 
lives.  This year that 'big event' was regionals rather than prom or 
graduation because the kids will all be back next year.

Almost every episode features nothing more than these kids rehersing and 
doing musical numbers for each other at their school.  Are you complaining 
because we get different song assignments each week rather than scenes of 
them practicing the same half dozen songs all year long?
From: [email protected] (Obveeus) 
<<<SN: Real GLEE Clubs spend most of their time rehearsing for seasonal,
holiday, and assembly concerts/ programs performed at their own school.
This Club is nothing more than a Team.>>>
Remember, rehearse has the word 'arse' in it.
From: [email protected] (Obveeus) 
Almost every episode features nothing more than these GLEE kids
Yours was the clearly rehearsed reply.  Mine was ad-lib...and genius in 
comparison, BTW.
From: [email protected] (Obveeus) 
Mine was ad-lib...and genius
DAMMIT! Missed it AGAIN!
I thought it was rather clever.  It keeps both of them more available
for further use.
I consider that a negative as I don't want to see the baby or the new mommy 
on the show again.