What Did You Watch? 2010-08-20 (Friday)

TV Arts

Yesterday I wasn't watching television, but on Friday I watched:


In a submarine that appears to be a reverse TARDIS, (It's much smaller
on the inside than the out.) Magnus manages to infect herself with a
brain-eating disease that causes paranoia and violent mania.  Before
she succumbs she asks Will to kill her.  So he does.

Warehouse 13

It's the Fargo guest shot.  Too bad W13 and Eureka are out of synch in


Unlike The Bridge, they aren't pretending to be in the United States,
so they go to an address on "Parliament Street".  In actuality though,
there's no such thing as a "federal crime" in Canada.  All criminal
law is federal.

Forbidden Science

Apparently the lovebots they are making locally are nothing compared
to the ones being made by the Japanese division of 4Ever.  Which are a
little too good as the one they gave to a hot Senator in return for
her turning a blind eye to all the dubious things the company is doing
becomes self-aware and suicidal.  This causes Juliatheclone to pop her
cork when he's ordered destroyed so she tries to rescue him.  This
will not end well.  The mandatory token sex scene is of course
therefore hot clone on robot sex.

What did you watch?
Mike Nichols' film version of Neil Simon's award-winning play BILOXI
BLUES starring Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken. It's held up