What Did You Watch? 2010-10-17 (Sunday)

TV Arts

I watched:

Sea Patrol

The conclusion of the Bright Island arc as they manage to sink the
shipment of poison water and the crew of the Hammersley prove once
again that they are incapable of keeping a prisoner under control.  I
think this is probably the series greatest weakness.  Prisoners and
detainees break out and take a hostage again and again.  On the flip
side, the federal police put a couple of people on board, and one of
them was Ms Strahovski from "Chuck".  Kewl.

Burn Notice

Our hero goes after gun smugglers.  He decides to use the cover of
being a shady ex-spy.  Somehow he manages to pull it off.

TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens.

His nighttime soap show.  It gives him a chance to get random passers
by to act out scenes from soaps for his Let Me Axe You Something.
That was pretty good.  Lot of aspiring actors out there.

Lost Girl

Monsters of the week include a "luck vampire" who steals the luck of
human beings and then lets them gamble away their money.  And he's the
_client_.  He wants to find out how some human who seemed devoid of
luck managed to take him for a large sum with a successful bet.  Turns
out that it was a corpse animated by our other monster of the week.
I've reached the conclusion that Bo's boyfriend, whose attempts to
avoid falling in love with her are really pathetic, is actually a
werewolf.  And if she keeps it up she's going to find that his
lifeforce production abilities have limits.  Also Bo's sidekick is
starting to develop a bit of a relationship with the police siren.

What did you watch?
LOL, I think if they renamed the "Austere Compartment" to something
like "The Brig" or "The Black Hole of Adder" then perhaps detainee
containment would be improved.  (one could make the snide comment that
descendants of prisoners would be better at this sort of thing.  :-)

As there were not cartoons on Fox tonight I watched:

Beverly Hillbillies on dvd - one of the earlier ones without the
original music.  It had "Giant Jackrabbit", the skeet shooting one
(they use rifles), the golf shooting one, and several other excellent
episodes.  Sharon Tate was in Giant Jackrabbit BTW.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - a guilty pleasure - I have to say I
enjoyed it.

Iron Man - I didn't know Paltrow was in this.  I'm about half way thru
- he is learning to fly.  Um if the terrorist dudes think they can
beat Stark's new and improved CP3o suit with his prototype that they
salvaged, this I have to see.

I guess Jeff Bridges got tired of being "The Dude" and wanted to be
the baddie.  He was quite malevolent.