What Did You Watch? 2010-10-29 (Friday)

TV Arts

I watched:


British spy show.  This time the hero is sent into a nation in Africa
to break out a guy who tried to kill the local strong man...and kill
him.  He has a case of the wibblies and lets the guy live.  Which
leads to rescuing a whole orphanage.  No good deed...


For the Halloween episode Lois finds herself the victim of evil Amish
villagers.  Wait, there's an evil Amish village between Smallville and

The Good Guys

Dan freaks out when he hears that a peeping tom was seen at the LT's
bathroom window.  Dan has never been creepier.  You can totally tell
he'd like to do a little peeping himself.

The Mighty Avengers

The guys beat up Graviton.  He totally had it coming the jerk. So are
they going to have Captain America replace the Hulk the way he did in
the comic?

Clone Wars

You know, the ragtag misfit platoon idea works better when they aren't
all identical.  Although they do explain it to some extent by saying
that their template cells are wearing out now that the original source
is deceased.

Blue Blood

The family discussion is about legalizing drugs.  Which is
fundamentally totally irrelevant, because the dead kids could have
just as easily died of poisoned soft drinks.  It's not like it was
accidental contamination or an overdose.

What did you warch?
Agora:  a film about evil Christians bent on destroying civilization in 
favor of their religious fervor...and there were some pagans and jews in the 
background trying to do basically the same thing.  The intellectuals, of 
course, were far superior in every way...but they were boring and never 
could see the smaller picture.  Don't bother watching this film.

From New Jersey?  I did a load of whites.  ;-)