What Did You Watch? 2011-03-23 (Wednesday)

TV Arts

On the day I remembered to go to the library, I watched:

Republic of Doyle

Somehow Doyle gets into a poker game with the Mayor (who is the
boyfriend of the RCMP officer that Doyle sometimes lusts after).  Then
armed men come in, rob them and take pictures of them with bikini-clad
hookers.  Which has something to do with a kickback thing, and
blackmail and a federal agency who...who were those guys anyway?  It
looks like this is the start of a continuing arc because Doyle is left
with a lot of questions and confusion.  Which aren't so bad as long as
they aren't the basis for the whole series.  Meanwhile Doyle's druggie
brother teams up with him to investigate the case, even as the
marijuana growing niece and her boyfriend, the bumbling junior
employee at the agency get into the case on their own initiative,
making things less Doyle-centric.

At the Concert Hall With Nikki Yanofsky.

Teen prodigy jazz singer.  I kind of like her.

Fairly Legal

I'm not sure whether I missed this episode or it was being shown out
of order.  But the assistant meets the sandwich lady, and our
protagonist tries to bring an understanding between members of a band
that once had a hit and quarrelling gamers. As usual, the primary
dispute is about something totally different than what they claim it
is.  I don't really understand the quarrelling gamers.  More
importantly, suddenly the un-evil stepmother looks like Elizabeth
Montgomery to me.  I don't think I'll be able to shake off thoughts of
Bewitched while watching this show again.

What did you watch?
SVU -- Why, oh why can't the kinky sex happen without being complicated 
by greed and jealousy? This would be a much nicer world. :)

Babylon 5 "Soul Mates" -- Delenn has a bad hair day. Everyone has love 

Babylon 5 "A Race Through Dark Places" -- Chekov's evil twin causes 

Babylon 5 "The Coming of Shadows" -- the story of the Narn and Centauri 
takes a turn for the tragic. More greed and jealousy ruining worlds, I 
fear. The Centauri emperor himself seems to think Londo is damned, using 
that exact word.

Babylon 5 "Gropos" -- Garibaldi does the second stupidest thing he's ever 
done (going on that bender back in the first season was the stupidest; 
not watching his back in the season-ending cliffhanger was a distant 

Babylon 5 "All Alone In The Night" -- Somehow it took Sheridan a full 
half-season of hanging around a station full of aliens before some aliens 
abducted him to do an anal probe.

This season hasn't been kind to Delenn so far. Let's recap, shall we?

* Some kind of coccoon thing.
* Followed by THE worst case of psoriasis I have EVER seen.
* The aforementioned bad hair day.
* Nearly got gang-raped by a bunch of badly-behaved human grunts. Those
  racist jackasses. Oath to serve and protect the Earth civilian
  population, and instead they take actions that could have led to a
  second go-round of Minbari bombs dropping on Earth cities. That, in case
  you're bad at math, would have the opposite effect of serving and
* And now kicked off that council of theirs, without the customary
  adversarial hearing and opportunity to present a defense. Very much
  alone, except for loyal Lennier, whose head is as soft as his heart.

Meanwhile the evil plot curdling in Earth's government thickens some 
more, and the good guys begin putting the pieces together and forming a 
kind of resistance cell. Good for them. Homegrown problem, though, or 
some kind of a Shadow fifth column, I wonder?

That Vorlon meanwhile remains mysterious. Apparently quite a strong 
telepath, but not advertising that fact -- usually. There have been 
strong hints that both the Vorlon ambassador, the Narn race, and the 
Minbari race are aware of, and hostile to, the Shadows (yet the Narn 
don't seem to recognize the attacks on their worlds as Shadow doings, 
despite seeing their ships?) but there seems to be no talk yet of any of 
them fighting back, let alone allying with one another in some manner to 
fight back.

And Talia seems to be developing new psi talents -- and hinting now and 
again that psi talents are of value in the bedroom. If you know how I can 
reach her, I'd like to propose some experiments to test that theory.
American Idol

Many people sang, and a few judged.

Noteworthy: the audio engineering for the night, did not suck.

From: [email protected] (Ken Wesson) SVU -- Why, oh why can't the
kinky sex happen without being complicated by greed and jealousy? This
would be a much nicer world. :)
The writing on that show is the most hit and miss I've ever seen.
From: [email protected] (trotsky) 
SVU-- The writing on that show is the most hit and miss I've ever seen.