What Did You Watch? 2011-04-08 (Friday)

TV Arts

On a day when I was too sick to leave the house I watched:

The Listener

Another psychic turns out.  This one sees dead people.  Meanwhile the
sidekick find the guy he brought back from the dead lodging a
complaint.  Some people come back from the dead and they're still


Rerun I missed the first time around, the one where a high Walter
tells Olivia's niece a depressing story.  And uses real names in it to
confuse her.  The singing detracted greatly from my enjoyment.

Blue Bloods

A celebrity case.

Brave and the Bold

A new version of the death of the Doom Patrol.  Who is this show aimed
at, nostalgic sexagenarians?  And why is someone who doesn't actually
stretch named "Elastigirl"?

The Killing

In the first episode we find out the victim died quite gruesomely.

What did you watch?
She does stretch. Just more in size than in length. So she can be fat
or grow in size but she doesn't do the sort of things that Plastic Man
would do.