What Did You Watch? 2011-06-02 (Tuesday)

TV Arts

I watched:

"The Moonshiner". Jason tries to reform a aged drunkard moonshining 

• Body language expert examines the Palin-Trump pizza meeting and Weiner 
  getting grilled by the press
• Plus, how much do you know about America's wars? Test your knowledge 
  in the Great American News Quiz!

"City Sushi". ROFLMAO! After Butters gets escorted home for instigating
an "oriental turf war" between City Wok and City Sushi, which moved next 
door to each other, Butters is taken to the Center for Criminally Insane 
Children where the doctor diagnosises him as having multiple 
personalities. After getting some TLM (tender loving medication), 
Butters leaves his webcam running after he goes to bed after wetting the 
bed several times, only to discover that the doctor sneaks into his 
room, pisses in his face, punches him in the face, and runs away before 
Butters awakens. Butter confronts the doctor, who turns out to have 
several personalities of his owmn and forces Butters to rob a bank vault 
before snapping out of it. Meanwhile, the City Wok guy proposes a 
"tweedy" with the City Sushi guy after the town calls their block 
"Little Tokyo" and conflate China and Japan, but double-crosses him
by ranting about the rape of Manchuria and the Japanese predilection to
commit suiciqr. Ng gur raq, vg vf erirnyrq gung gur Pvgl Jbx thl vf 
bar bs gur crefbanyvgvrf bs Ohggre'f qbpgbe (qrfcvgr orvat pnhpnfvna)
naq gur fubj raqf jvgu na ubzntr gb Clfpub, n yn gur pybfvat fprar jvgu 
the doctor alone at the police station.

This show amazingly makes Morocco seem like a boring place and ended
with Jill reverting to her true colors and getting into a fight with 
Romana about her so rudely crashing their vacation on "Scarey Island"
last season. What a bitter petty cunt! 

Andu is more insufferable than usual because oit's his birthday and 
Sandra Bernert is in the studio. I hate to rag on people's appearances,
but Sandra looks like a meth addict who just got out of bed i her 
trailer! On the other hand, she was VERY tedious and unrelentlessly 

What did you watch?
Love Bites:  Series premiere on NBC.  This show is most definitely a remake 
of 'Love American Style'.  The segment with Jennifer Love Hewitt qualifies 
as must see.  She is a real sport to have played that 'role'.
I watched it out of morbid curiosity and found it absolutely awful.
Each of the 3 vignettes had a good high concept that on paper sounds
like it could be good fun, but it totally dies on screen.  It starts
with having fairly unlikable characters as the leads (especially with
that opening.. .ugh) and then just pointlessly banal, boring, and
insipid plot machinations; i guess that's the difficulty in telling a
story in 12 min.

And it's so strange that Lindsay Price is so beautiful and yet just
sets me ready to change the channel as soon as she appears.  I can't
peg what it is about her, but I can't stand her.

In article 


I don't even remember noticing Lindsay Price.  I did notice Krysten Ritter, 
though, and enjoyed what I saw.  I am looking forward to 'Apartment 23' this 
next season.
Yeah, "Love Bites" was awful. Ritter, Newton, Kyle Howard, Greg 
Grunberg, and Love Hewett all turned in good performances, but it 
doesn't matter when the writing is this off-puttingly *awful*. 

How awful was "Love Bites"? It actually made "*So Random!*" look good in 
comparison!  [shudder] 

I won't be back for a second helping of this. Not even if Krysten Ritter 
shows up again...  :/
You didn't notice the girl pleasuring herself with the super vibrator?
The vibrator 'plotline' was memorable, but no, the female character wielding 
it did not stand out at all.  The best part of that short story was the guy 
as it was good to see him on screen again since 'My Boys' went off the air.
I liked the idea that Jennifer Love Hewitt is basically up for screwing 
fat ordinary Joes in airplane bathrooms.
Yes, but like I said, even in that segment, the scenes she wasn't in 
weren't funny.
I don't know. I sort of liked her. Though the one regular cast member
that shined was Becky Newton. Especially when compared to her wing
man. Ugh...

But not in every case. You just need to find her when she's broken up
with her boyfriend and looking to fulfill her wish to join the mile
high club. Otherwise the fat ordinary Joe probably doesn't have a
shot. ;)
Which one is Becky?  Preggers or virgin?

It's worth taking a shot.
Pregnant woman

Indeed. She really shines when she smiles as it just lights up her
entire face.
It also helped close the deal that he was a tattoo artist.  The whole 
situation was a 'perfect storm'.
On Tuesday I watched The Voice but since I'm pretty sure you actually
meant Thursday I watched....

Sanctuary - Date Night.  not an awful episode due to the charming
ladies but definitely not a good one. 

The Shadow Line - An interesting mix of cops and criminals with no
clear distinction on who will be a good guy/bad guy other than the one
young hoodlum. Nice to see Chris Eccleston again as I enjoyed him in
his one season as the Doctor, and a nice little surprise for all
involved at the end of the first episode. One has to wonder how that
will play out as the detective figures out what he has lost.

Castle - Oddly enough another date night with Castle and Beckett
forming dates with #3 in the city and Fireman Calendar Mr July to help
counter their rumored relationship that is reported in the paper.
Needless to say things do not go as planned as they continue to work
on a case even while on their respective dates.

Crossing Jordan - The series finale. Not a bad way to close out the
series as you have the team forming stronger bonds dealing with a bad
situation and the start of a rekindling for the Woody-Jordan
What channel is/was running this?  :)
Channel Nanoflower. :)

The best there is. I've had these episodes saved off since the show
went off the air but had lost track of them and just got around to
watching them. Yes, I tend to run way behind on some shows. ;)
Still have about three or four seasons of Smallville/Supernatural to

It gives me something to watch during the summer when nothing else is
Ah-ha!  So I didn't just miss it on one my cable channels.  I liked that 
quirky bunch of characters.   :)

Thanks, Shawn...
The stuff with JLH herself was good, but even the scenes in that segment 
without her weren't.  Somebody actually convinced NBC that remaking a 10 
year old episode of FRIENDS that guest starred Isabella Rosellini was 
cutting edge comedy?  Lindsay Price brings her inexplicable 
off-puttingness with her intact from Eastwick.  Next week, they recast 
annoying tattooed woman, which is fine, as she was by far their weakest 
link.  All in all I can see why they're burning this off; I'm just not 
sure why it existed to begin with.
Recast?  I think the concept behind this 'series' is that each episode will 
feature a mostly new cast...again, just like 'Love American Style'.  I know 
that Michelle Trachtenberg and Kurtwood Smith are set to guest star next 
She was talking to the same husband, the tattoo artist.  He and pregnant 
woman are credited as regulars.
I think there is regular recurring cast along with new cast each week. They 
weave the recurring into the new or v.v.
I think that is right. The following reports confirm it's a romantic
comedy anthology built around an existing cast with guest stars each

NBC’s Love Bites – a rom-com anthology series starring Ugly Betty‘s
beloved Becki Newton, Heroes‘ charmer Greg Grunberg, and Entourage
femme Constance Zimmer 

Becki Newton stars in this hour-long romantic comedy anthology series
featuring three vignette styled modern stories of love, sex, marriage
and dating. Each of the stories will involve guest stars every week
and will illuminate the theme of love with a "fresh, irreverent spin"
according to NBC. The series stars Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) as Annie
Matopoulos, a single New York City girl looking for "Mr. Right Now,"
and Constance Zimmer (Entourage) and Greg Grunberg (Heroes) as Colleen
and Judd Rouscher, a happily married Venice Beach couple.Guest stars
include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Craig Robinson, Kyle Howard, Steve
Howey, Lindsay Price, Larry Wilmore, Guillermo Diaz,
Yeah, Constance Zimmer is the new tattoo wife.
So it's not about vampires in love?
Sadly, no.